Grandpacore is the answer to comfortable and eccentric winter fashion

Invest in chequered vests, baggy pants, and chunky knits to ace the trend. 

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After the hyper-feminism of coquette core, there’s a new gender-neutral fashion trend on the block that puts comfort first. Now one wouldn’t imagine the eclectic style of our grandpas, complete with gingham caps, patterned sweaters, mismatched blazers and pants, and an oversized silhouette to take over, but if Pinterest and TikTok statistics are to be believed, grandpacore will be big in 2024. Plus, at a time when fashion is heavily leaning on nostalgia, the spotlight on the retro fashion of our grandfathers doesn’t seem too left field.

So what is grandpacore? Simply put, it's anything you imagine your grandpa wearing. So soft and bright sweaters, loafers, old-school denims, blazers, and quilted jackets are all fair game. 

Not just for men


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The best part about this trend is that it's not gender-specific like other fashion trends in the recent past. The trend relies more on a vibe than a particular style—you don’t have to be a grandson to dress like your grandfather. Think outfits that are comfortable, relaxed, and eclectic. Have a colourful, slouchy sweater you don’t know how to style? Perfect. Shoes or loafers that won’t break your back? Yes. Wide-leg corduroy pants? Why not?

The perfect trend for winter

While most trend reports believe that this aesthetic is part of a wider 2024 style forecast, we think it is more apt for colder weather. The sweater vests, printed cardigans, and tweed blazers that are synonymous with octogenarians will fit right into your winter wardrobe. 

Celebrities who’ve adopted the grandpacore aesthetic

Everyone from Gigi Hadid and Deepika Padukone, to Zoe Kravitz has been seen donning the look. While Padukone opted for a beige sweater vest over a white shirt with fitted pants in one of her recent posts on Instagram, Hadid channelled her inner grandpa on several occasions wearing loose-fitted polo t-shirts, cardigans, and cable knits, from her brand Guest In Residence.

Ways to add the aesthetic to your wardrobe

We’d argue that if you want to go the easiest, most sustainable route, then raid your grandfather’s closet for clothes he no longer wears or is willing to lend. And if that is not an option, then thrifting and buying second-hand clothing is your best bet. Choose classics that will become a staple in your wardrobe even beyond this trend. Think chunky sweaters (which are also a part of the cosy girl aesthetic), corduroy pants (the fabric is having a moment right now), suede loafers, vests in kitschy patterns, and oversized jackets and blazers that you can layer. The trend places emphasis on layering textures and colours for that mix-and-matched look.