Get party-ready with these 6 minimal jewellery brands

Sometimes the perfect look needs just that little something…

Harper's Bazaar India

It’s 7:30 in the evening and you’re all ready. The foundation is set, the mascara isn’t running (yet), and you can confidently say the dress looks stunning. But something’s off. Maybe it’s the bare neck? “But,” you think, “I don’t have anything that will go with this outfit and also not melt away into oblivion.” So you go out, a bare neck and a tinge of second guessing for the night.

But, let’s face it, it isn’t practical to have jewellery for every outfit. That’s expensive, and, well, impossible! What you need are pieces of value—versatile jewellery that adds just the bling and edge that every outfit can be thankful for. With your closet intact, maybe minimalistic jewellery is the sidekick you need! And so, we bring you some of the best. 


A focus on classy simplicity, STAC creates ‘fine jewellery that can be worn everyday’. Small gemstone rings set in 18kt gold can go a long way when you’re dressing up or down. It’s not the keepsake value we boast of with this, but the practical and almost classic option it affords for every occasion. The brand embraces thin, fine-lines, and simplicity with its bar necklaces, studs, and bracelets. STAC’s jewellery is all about less-is-more. Plus they have birthstone oriented jewellery for zodiac signs!

The OLIO Stories


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All of The OLIO Stories’ jewellery is handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur. Focusing on stories and heritage, these pieces have a meaning behind it. Elegantly crafted pieces ranging from neckpieces to head-jewels, the intricate designs catch your eye. Whether it is their ‘Pehla Pyaar Locket’, a masala zircon stone with rawa detailing, or ‘Athena hoops’ with hanging coin charms—their work is quirky, unique, and intricate. In their endeavour to design modern heirlooms, The OLIO Stories shows that thought and simplicity go a long way. 


Created by Indian sculptor turned designer Suhani Parekh, Misho’s designs are heavily influenced by properties of architecture, simplified geometric shapes, and clean lines. Having jewellery worn by the Kardashian-Jenners, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, and more, Misho is an award- winning brand. Designed with complexity and a focus on artistic qualities, Misho has a unique balance of intricate artful pieces, and the very basics. Be sure to check out my personal favourite, the Moonshadow Necklace. 

Shop Lune


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Lune describes themselves as a ‘indie women-led jewel store and art project’. This Bandra-based jewellery brand has a range of designs, from delicate pearl studs (that will look perfect with an evening dress) to a butterfly effect choker. Jewellery made of gold, brass, freshwater pearls—all pieces have a meaning behind them. Whether it’s the turquoise meant for dreamers, or anklets inspired by the timeless style of the soul, there is a reason for creation. You’ll find yourself being drawn to plenty of these works. Lune’s jewellery could become the one you keep closest to your identity. With unique and timeless designs, Lune is a must try for anyone looking to make their outfits stand out.



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This brand has the talent of even making the simplest designs fun! Zohra has included small details (a seahorse here and there) even in the thinnest of lines. Every detail in Zohra’s designs are meaningful and add to the entire aesthetic. It definitely makes a statement, but not because of its size or splendour, but because it is art. Yes, you’re basically wearing art! Inspired by everything ranging from birds, to seashells, there’s even a harp somewhere! Art is twisted into the work (sometimes literally) and exudes charisma and beauty. Whatever you look for, this brand is destined to fulfil!

Né Nepal


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Just like its name, all of Né Nepal’s jewellery is ‘born’ in Nepal. The jewellery is handmade and reflects the cultures of Nepal. And, this brand is built on social values, while maintaining a low environmental impact. Many of Né Nepal’s designs stem from cultural traditions and arts, such as the Jhyala Stud, created in the valleys in Nepal. Wear these simple pieces of jewellery with a plain kurti, white shirt, and jeans for an evening get together and get conversations started. 

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Square Image: @misho_designs / Instagram