Exclusive: Here’s all you need to know about the first Victoria’s Secret store in India

We took a sneak peek into the lingerie brand’s new shop front in Mumbai

Victoria’s Secret fans have much to rejoice about! The leading lingerie retailer has set foot in India with its first full-fledged store. Victoria’s Secret entered the Indian market in July 2021 by offering its accessories and beauty products online. Then, about a month ago, it launched a fragrance pop-up in Mumbai. Now, the brand is finally here with its new store in the city at Phoenix Palladium, Lower Parel. Opening to the public on September 10, the store will feature a wide selection of the brand’s signature bras, panties, and sleepwear, including the latest Dream Angels collection. Their line-up of fragrances, body care, and bags will all be there too. “All the products that you can buy in other places of the world are now available in India," says global spokesperson Kelly Routhier, VP marketing, Victoria’s Secret International, in a conversation with Bazaar India. 

Read on for the five things to look forward to at the new store. 

All of their collections, their famous fragrances, and a panty bar! 

The Love Cloud collection

The brightly-lit store dons the brand’s signature pink, with peaches and whites thrown in. Their most popular collections—Very Sexy and Dream Angels, find a place front and centre. They have all the trappings you’d expect from a Victoria’s Secret bra—bold, dramatic, and the ultimate feminine statement. There is also a varied PJs collection–the signature pink and white set particularly caught our eye. A separate section for PINK has active wear and lingerie in pretty pastels, aimed at the younger audience. Scour through their extensive range of fragrances—from the best-selling Bombshell to the newest Very Sexy for Men, and body care. But definitely the most fun part of the store is the panty bar—it consists of a display table with numerous drawers on the sides—all with neatly lined up panties inside, sorted according to size. It makes for easy navigation, so you don’t get lost among all the bows, laces, and bold prints. Simply locate your size labelled on the side of the drawer, and take your pick.

Everyday pieces that marry comfort with style 

While the brand is most famously known for their glamorous sets (that are the highlight of their eponymous fashions shows), look out for the simpler and more understated collections that you can wear daily—Love Cloud and Body by Victoria. “…what a lot of people don’t know is that we also have a whole set of collections that have comfortable, everyday bras as well," says Routhier. 

Personalized, one-to-one bra fittings that are complimentary too 

The fitting room has test bras to help you find the perfect fit

A big part of bra shopping is knowing the perfect size, and at Victoria’s Secret you can get a complimentary bra fitting from their experts to find the right one for you. Routhier explains, “Bra fitting is an experience that sets Victoria’s Secret apart. We work with bra fit specialists to help you find the bra in a size that fits you best." A lot of women go their entire lives without knowing their correct bra size, so this service will come in handy to find yourself the perfect fit. 

A wide range of bras—from 32A to 38DDD 

One thing you’ll note the moment you step into the store are pictures of models with a wide range of body types. This is intentional, says Routhier. “Our leadership is highly committed to being inclusive. That starts with the sizing that we offer. We’re also using elements in the store to communicate that size inclusivity, so we have new mannequins that are diverse and the models in the imagery are a range of different sizes as well." Expect sizes that start at 32A and go all the way to 38DDD. There are also specialized bras for nursing mothers and those who’ve undergone a mastectomy.

Another store coming soon to Delhi 

The PINK section at the Mumbai store

As for their future plans in India, things look exciting for fans of the brand in the capital. “We are definitely going to be opening more than one store—we have another one coming up before the end of the year in Delhi. We really want to understand what the customer is, who she is here, what her preferences are and we’ll go from there," wraps up Routhier. 

All images: Victoria's Secret India

Lead image: Victoria's Secret India/Instagram