All you need to know about the 'groufit' trend and how you can incorporate it in your wardrobe

Is grey the new pink?

Harper's Bazaar India

After months and months of seeing pretty pink pop-ups everywhere, it seems like the Barbiecore fever that was brought on by the much-anticipated Greta Gerwig live-action film has finally come down. While this doesn’t mean hot pink has left our hearts, it surely means there is space in the trends universe for another colour to have its moment in the sun. Any guesses on what that colour is? Let us enlighten (and shock) you—it’s grey and the trend of wearing the colour is being called ‘groufit’!

This Fall 2023 trend, however, is not new. It was first popularised in 2015 and is now popping back on the scene to balance out the pretty-in-pink fatigue. If you’re thinking about how a colour as bland and dull as grey is supposed to replace the vibrant and feminine Barbiecore, you’re not alone. However, as fun as the bubblegum hues are, there is no denying that grey possesses a certain edge that they lack. Before you make up your mind though, read on to know what the groufit trend is and how you can incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe. 

The term groufit is a fusion of the words ‘grey’ and ‘outfit’. The specifications of this trend are as simple as its name. A groufit is pieces of clothing in varying shades of grey styled together. Whether you’re going for chic and professional or something more street-style, groufit is a versatile trend that allows you to achieve any look easily. While for many years grey had a terrible reputation amid the fashion community for not having any personality, the trend and colour have moved away from baggy pants and the basic-T look. Runways and red carpets are a testimony of how the biggest fashionistas are taking grey to the next level.  

We can’t help but wonder where this sudden resurgence of grey has come from. Is it a byproduct of the quiet luxury trend or because the minimalism movement (aka capsule wardrobes) is gaining momentum? Whatever the reason is, we are on board!