California-based stylist, Roz Kaur on embracing positive ageing and putting personal happiness above societal expectations

The quinquagenarian designer talks to Bazaar India about unshackling age-related stereotypes, her fashion inspiration, and more.

Harper's Bazaar India

Tracing back to her childhood in India, Roz’s love for fashion emerged at a time when vibrant silk saris and exquisite jewellery were an integral part of her family gatherings. “I was mesmerised by the effortless grace with which my mother and aunts would get dressed for parties; it left an indelible impression on me and ignited my sense of style.” Over the years, her approach to fashion evolved, but it retained a touch of androgyny.

“This transformation reflects the fusion of traditional Indian influences from my upbringing with the contemporary, global perspective I’ve embraced in my life’s journey, which I took along with me from India to the United States,” says the 56-year-old.

The California-based stylist firmly believes that age-appropriate dressing should revolve around making you feel confident, regardless of your age. “I’m all about putting personal happiness and fulfillment above societal expectations. I want to inspire people to embrace their unique journeys and reject the notion that they need to attest to an ‘anti-ageing’ mindset.” Demonstrating the distinct charm of her homeland in her sartorial choices, Roz hopes to convey a simple yet powerful message to women of all ages: “Ageing is a gift, it’s a time filled with wisdom and wonderful experiences that should be celebrated, not concealed. My goal is to empower women to embrace their individuality and live life to the fullest, free from the pressures of conforming to age-related stereotypes.”

As far as Roz’s fashion icons are concerned, her list is as diverse as her own fabulous sense of style. “While my mother and aunts’ timeless elegance will always hold a special place in my heart, icons like Lauren Hutton (model and actress), Kate Moss (model), and Diane Von Furstenberg (Belgian fashion designer) continue to inspire me with their impeccable confidence and consistent sense of self in their fashion choices. Maye Musk (model and dietitian), with her incredible charm and sophistication, is someone I look up to and hope to emulate in the future.”

“One of the biggest challenges we face in society is the lack of representation of positive ageing,” says Roz. Embracing her fashionable self that remains rooted in India, she urges us to surround ourselves with a supportive community and avoid unnecessary comparison. “The ultimate goal is to be true and content in your own skin—recognising the power and possibilities that come with ageing every step of the way.” In a world that often pressures us to conform to ageist stereotypes, Roz is a beacon of inspiration. “Age should never be a limitation, but rather be a source of strength and beauty. I want to fill that gap and show women that style and self-expression do not diminish with age, neither should they.”

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