Bombay Sapphire's Art of Botanicals is a celebration of sustainability

The brand collaborated with notable names across five cities to curate immersive experiences.

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The conversation surrounding sustainability might be gaining traction everyday, but we are far from living in an eco-friendly world. However, with each day we get a little closer to that goal and that is mainly due to brands like Bombay Sapphire that put in the work to make our future clean and green. In yet another attempt at driving the conversation forward, Bombay Sapphire presents the Art of Botanicals, a botany-driven narrative that celebrates the brand’s long-lasting use of sustainable practices. 

With an aim to foster a more ecological future, Bombay Sapphire collaborated with some prominent names in sustainable spaces across Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa, and Kolkata. Audiences in these five cities were treated to an evening of various immersive experientials that showcased how creativity, sustainability, and versatility can seamlessly be brought together. 

For the Art of Botanicals, Bombay Sapphire partnered with leaders and brands in the sustainable innovation space such as Naso perfumery (Delhi), Herbivore Farms (Mumbai), Anand Malligavad (Bengaluru), Tarun Sibal and Vnya (Goa), and Karma Kettle (Kolkata). Since all these names resonate with botany in many ways, the collaborations were seamlessly tied together. The objective was to drive Bombay Sapphire’s sustainability messaging as a cue to innovate and create something sustainable while also elevating the experience around spirits, one sip at a time. 

From creating exclusive products that are a union of Bombay Sapphire’s ten ethically sourced botanicals to stimulating conversations with a curated menu of entrees and quintessential gin-based cocktails inspired by the theme of sustainability, these collaborations aimed at creating a wholesome, immersive experience. 

Delhi’s Art of Botanicals


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Led by Naso Perfumery (India’s first all-natural, gender-neutral green perfumery), Delhi’s Art of Botanicals was inspired by the intricate botanical narrative of Bombay Sapphire, for which Naso created a limited-edition fragrance, Blue Marine. They used a select combination of floral notes including those of sparkling jasmine, sandalwood rose, and neroli that gives us a whiff of the intense energy of the sea. This fragrance evokes the essence of the liquid with the aquamarine hues of a picturesque lagoon. 

Bengaluru’s Art of Botanicals 


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To enhance the Art of Botanicals experience, Bombay Sapphire hosted conservationist Anand Malligavad, who shed light on his tireless fight to protect and restore the lakes and groundwater across Bengaluru and beyond, using aquatic botanicals to purify the contaminated water. 

Mumbai’s Art of Botanicals 


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For the Mumbai experience of Art of Botanicals, Bombay Sapphire collaborated with Herbivore Farms to inspire creativity in a space where you don’t usually expect it. The evening saw a botanical and herb-infused narrative that could inspire the use of creativity to foster change and adopt a purpose-driven and ecological future. 

Goa’s Art of Botanicals


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For the Goa edition of Art of Botanicals, Bombay Sapphire partnered with chef and entrepreneur Tarun Sibal, co-owner of Titlie, as well as Vnya which is a renowned organic produce brand. The event showcased the story of botanicals and emphasized Bombay Sapphire’s legacy of using sustainable practices. Keeping in mind the brand’s theme of sustainability, the immersive experience entailed a waste-free menu using organic produce from Vnya. 

Kolkata’s Art of Botanicals 

In Kolkata, Bombay Sapphire brought together an experience in collaboration with Yangdup Lama, one of the world's finest mixologists, as well as Karma Kettle. The thoughtfully curated event saw Lama concoct magic through a tea-infused Bombay Sapphire cocktails workshop. 

These collaborations created immersive experiences that both stimulated creativity and promoted sustainable practices. That’s exactly what Bombay Sapphire’s Stir Creativity campaign aims to do. For over three decades, the brand has collaborated with artists, designers and individuals from various industries to create experiences that reawaken the creative potential.