5 Indian luxury brands that boldly embrace maximalism 

These labels are bringing back the romance of glitz and glamour.

Harper's Bazaar India

While styles centred on minimalism and global trends like 'quiet luxury' are enjoying their moment in the sun, a little bit of drama and the magic of maximalism has always had our hearts. 

The presence of some unapologetic glitz and glamour, sequins and embroidery, along with rich fabrics and bejewelled looks among the reigning understated styles and fabrics, proves that maximalism excites us, regardless of the stylistic era we’re in. 

The psychology behind our everlasting cravings for maximalism, especially in fashion, centres around the manifestation of our creativity without any limitations or fear of judgement, coupled with unwavering confidence in ourselves and a sense of liberation. 

Below are some of our favourite designers who celebrate maximalism to its very core.



With this luxury brands’ After Hours Festive Luxe Pret AW 2023, we see a modern take on the opulence of our rich heritage—sculpted silhouettes and bejewelled plunging necklines, immaculate craftsmanship and attention to detail—all wrapped up in gold and ivory. 



This luxury powerhouse’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection boasts Indian craftsmanship, stunning sequined florals, layered gold and gemstone based jewellery, and rich fabrics paired with timeless white basics to truly emulate the aura of flamboyant glamorous women of both Indian royalties as well as blue-blooded New York. 


With their 2023 collection ‘Rooh’, this couture label embodies the woman of today, but with a soul of the rich glamour of our past and inspired by the Baroque to the Renaissance period. 


With their 15th anniversary special collection and their bridal 2023 collection ‘Tara’, this luxury couture brand presented its masterpieces that look to impress the global Indian woman while respecting the craft of of woven fabrics. In hues of burgundy with intricate craftsmanship, this is a mesmerising retelling of traditional stories. 



With their Bridal Collection 2023 called ‘Zayra’, this label brings back an era of opulent and regal grace, with exquisite craftsmanship and a celebration of Indian glamour in lehengas, gowns, sarees and veils.