5 colour combinations you can never go wrong with

Leave it to Bollywood celebrities to show you the ropes.

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Summer has well and truly arrived, bringing with it seasonal delights (mangoes!), and the obvious downside—soul-crushing heat. But the good news is, you get to experiment with your wardrobe with lighter, breezier silhouettes. Cotton fabrics and lighter colours become predominant, along with the perennial favourite—florals.

Now florals will always be the go-to summer choice for us. But it's time to experiment this season, and one way to do that is by trying out different colour combinations. The right colour combination is a lesser known and less spoken about way of truly acing your outfit; contrasting or similar colours can be a game-changer. So, how about focusing on mismatching and pairing colours effectively this summer?

To give you some inspiration, we've turned to our Bollywood celebrities. Below are some of the fun colour combinations to try out (if you haven’t already).

Beige and blue 

The popularity of the beige colour palette has clearly grown, be it the lighter or darker shades. The colour never fails to stand out, no matter what you pair it with. Here, actor Athiya Shetty has opted for a long-sleeved beige-coloured top that has hints of brown, and paired it with classic blue denim jeans. You have to agree, this is a pretty underrated combination; despite being a causal outfit, it looks clean and polished. Pair the outfit To put the outfit with a pair of golden hoops and you're good to go! 

White and grey 


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This is a classic combination for summers. Here, Chopra here has paired her cool grey trousers with a white cropped top that looks absolutely stunning yet causal enough for the summer months. She tied her hair in a half-tie bun, which is an excellent touch. This colour combination and the outfit are perfect if you're planning to run a quick errand or even have to show up to work (if it's causal Fridays). You can top the it off with even a smart cap or hat to give it a more summery feel.

Yellow and blue 

Yellow is the official colour of summer given how it pretty much resonates with the season. Anushka Sharma paired her yellow off-shoulder top with a pair of mom jeans, which is a classic yet underrated combination. You could also try yellow and white, which also blends well with summer.

Lilac and white 

People usually turn to lighter tones during summer, and one of the trendiest (and most loved) shades happens to be lilac. So of course, go ahead and experiment with it. Here, Alia Bhatt paired her lilac blazer with a white tee and a pair of denim jeans. You can pair your lilac top with white pants or a skirt and finish it off with some minimal jewellery.

Pink on pink 

Pink on pink already has its own loyal fan base, and we can see why! Here, Ananya Panday opted for a pink cropped top and pink bell-bottom jeans. She paired it with pink heels, but if that is too much pink for you, you can always swap it out for a pair of white sneakers.

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