Your guide to a successful career with lessons from the most ambitious female characters

These strong, career-focused female characters can help you achieve what you desire.

Harper's Bazaar India

For the longest time, unfortunately, there has been a dearth of career-focused female characters in Indian movies and shows. In fact, very few female characters have been shown to have any sort of a career. Even as we progressed, the ambitious side of female characters was often overshadowed by their personal lives. However, today, we have a Tara Khanna who helms a wedding planning business and is immensely passionate about it and a Kaira who is working hard on building a career for herself. There is so much to learn from these characters! 

Add to that, there is a plethora of shows and series in English featuring women who are ambitious and strong, and they teach us a bunch of career lessons we can apply to our own lives. 

Here are some important career lessons you can learn from some of the most ambitious female characters.

A leader should strike a balance between kindness and assertiveness 

Jacqueline The Bold Type

You may know Jacqueline from The Bold Type as the editor-in-chief of 'Scarlet', but she is much more than that. She is a good judge of people and recognises the potential in them. Jacqueline knows when to be strict and assertive but in a way that doesn't demotivate her team. She leads them by example, identifies their strengths, and is like a guiding light in their lives. 

It’s okay to not do as you’re told 

While The Bold Type is a show that has several highly driven female characters, Kat stands out. She is truly bold, in the sense that when she is confident about something, she takes the leap and is ready to take accountability for the results. Not following the protocols isn’t always a good idea, but it’s okay to push for something you know will work.

Sometimes, the most outrageous ideas work 

Be it finding the most unique location for a shoot or taking an important dinner party to a sweet, local restaurant, Emily from Emily in Paris believes in her ideas and knows that sometimes, all you need is a crazy idea! 

Your dream job may not actually be all dreamy 

You may want a job in a particular company all your life, but when you do get it, you may be hit with a reality that is not so dreamy. Whether you choose to accept the challenge, pull up your socks, and pay your dues, or let go of your “dream” company, reality often clears the rose tint of the glamour of a big brand. Andy from Devil Wears Prada teaches us that it’s okay to take that experience and build new dreams. 

Prioritise your mental health 

Kaira from Dear Zindagi is both ambitious and talented. She knows what she is doing and has big career goals. But when her mental health crashes, Kaira realises that it affects every aspect of her life. She takes time to focus on her mental well-being and realises that being tough on yourself isn’t always productive. So work hard but not so hard that your mental health goes for a toss! 

Soft skills can make all the difference

Tara Khanna from Made In Heaven may have grey shades, especially in terms of how she ended up becoming rich, but we can’t help but appreciate her enterprising skills. She is persuasive when it comes to client onboarding and she knows how to make tough decisions to ensure her business stays afloat. You will be surprised what understanding people and knowing what persuades them will do for you. 

It’s never too late to start a new career 

If Sulu from Tumhari Sulu can do it, so can you. She is a homemaker and has an 11-year-old child. One day, she applies for the position of an RJ and she gets it! Take that leap. Start a new career, irrespective of how old you are and where you’ve been. It becomes easier after the first step.