What is your ‘Erotic Blueprint’, and what does it say about you?

What sex language do you speak?

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One person’s pleasure can be another person’s ‘this makes me gag’. For instance, someone may love talking dirty while having sex but have a partner who finds it far from arousing. And sometimes, when people end up pairing with someone who speaks a completely different sex language, they may have trouble being on the same page. 

I am going to assume that most people know what ‘love language’ means, and if you don’t, reading up on it will help you a lot! For the uninitiated, love language refers to the way a person expresses and receives love in a relationship. What if we told you that there was a way to define your sex language, too? After years of research, Jaiya Ma, a veteran sexologist and intimacy coach, came out with the concept of ‘Erotic Blueprint’ and the world has not been the same after that! 

Understanding our Erotic Blueprint can help us be more sexually self-aware and thus improve our sex lives remarkably. It even helps us understand our partner's sexual language better which further can develop heightened physical compatibility. Let’s dive deeper into what it entails.

What is an Erotic Blueprint? 

The power of human emotion is so strong that you can understand each other to a great extent even without understanding each other’s language, but knowing the other person’s language definitely ensures that things are not lost in translation. An Erotic Blueprint is your sex language comprising things like what turns you on, what challenges you face sexually, and more. 

Types of Erotic Blueprint

There are five types of Erotic Blueprint and each one aims to describe a person’s sex language as closely as possible.

The sensual type: If you need all your senses stimulated, then your Erotic Blueprint belongs to this type. You love food play, you love it when you can smell the perfume on their neck, and the feel of a nice silk bedsheet against your skin makes you want to spend a little more time on the bed. You want your partner to go down on you, taking it slow so you can feel every sensation there is to feel—before it all ends in a crazy orgasm! 

The energetic type: You are adventurous in bed and love a bit of teasing and anticipation to get things going. Your energy is super high and you’re up for passionate kisses, experimental sex positions, and role-play almost at any given point!

The sexual type: You are someone who believes in the traditional aspects of sex and feels turned on by things that are universally sexualised. It’s easy to turn you on, all you need is your partner, naked and looking at you with lustful eyes. Your desires are simple and often that acts in your favour as genital stimulation is more than enough to arouse you.

The kinky type: You love anything that is not ordinary. You’re not a missionary kinda person; cowgirl barely makes it. You seek role-play, fetishes, dirty talk and much more to be fully aroused. Often, it’s more about taboo and less about the kind of kink you prefer.

The shape-shifter type: You want the best of everything, hence the term, ‘shape-shifter’. You want the kink, you want the high energy, you want the traditional sex, and you want anything sensual! It really depends on your mood and on the fact that your preferences may be as flexible as a gymnast! 

Understanding what your Erotic Blueprint is for better self-awareness when it comes to what turns you on. You can pleasure yourself solo or with a partner, based on this additional knowledge. You can also use this information to make sure you and your partner are on the same page, under the same sheet!