What is 'Class' actor Chintan Rachchh listening to?

The actor reveals the tunes he is grooving to, why music holds a special place in his heart, and how it influences his thoughts.

Harper's Bazaar India

Actor Chintan Rachchh shot to fame after the Indian adaptation of Elite (2018), called Class (2023), released on Netflix this year. Having played a queer character named Faruq on the show, Chintan has met with repeated, positive reviews. For the young actor, the show’s success has come with a lot of meetings, travel, and appearances...from which he finds solace through music. “My mind is so chaotic these days, that even when I sit in silence, I feel anxious. That is why I am listening to music with my headphones on throughout the day, just like Faruq from the show (laughs).”

Chintan tells us that music helps him focus better and get into the groove of ticking off tasks from his to-do list. “As a public figure, I am constantly smiling, and that can be tricky. Hence, the type of music I listen to gives me an adrenaline rush and helps me focus more quickly. It’s like a wave that’s guiding my brain from point A to point B.” On asking what are his favourite genres at the moment, Chintan tells Bazaar India, “I love R&B/Soul, Synth Pop, and Indie Hindi. In fact, I also enjoy Lofi, because it’s pleasing to my ears.” As a child, Chintan was heavily influenced by Hindi music and artists such as KK, Salim–Sulaiman, A.R. Rahman, and Atif Aslam. “Their music instantly makes me feel nostalgic. And I have always loved the 2005-2012 era in Hindi cinema.” Currently, Chintan’s playlist includes popular melodic numbers such as Passionfruit by Yaeji, Die Hard by Kendrick Lamar, Here with Me by d4vd, and Die for You by Joji. Chintan explores new tracks through Reels on Instagram, and “sometimes my friends and I go on long drives and take turns to play songs...that’s another way I get introduced to new music.” 

Maan Meri Jaan (afterlife) by King, Nick Jonas

Ohho by Sammad, Quest, and 3bhk

Girta Sambhalta by Nayantara Bhatkal, Aditya N, and Class

Here With Me by d4vd

Die Hard by Amanda Reifer, Blxst, and Kendrick Lamar

Passionfruit by Yaeji