‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is all set for a high drama sequel

Here's everything you need to know about the high-fashion drama sequel

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What do Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and Devil Wears Prada have in common? Yes, they have been instrumental in shaping pop culture, but that's not all. These movies have brilliant sequels and make for a nostalgic watch. And the latest title to join this list is The Devil Wears Prada. 

Are we finally ready to one more time witness the high fashion cinema drama? Lauren Weisberger's best-selling novel of 2003 and the 2006 box office smash is finally returning to the screens. On July 8, Disney announced the long-awaited (precisely after 18 years) sequel, bringing back memories of the glitz and glam of the world of fashion. 

Now we all know the impact the original movie and the novel have had on the fashion and publishing industries—look around, you will find a Miranda Priestly and also an Andrea Sachs somewhere. The sequel, then, does not seem 'groundbreaking', does it? 

But what we really want to know is whether the iconic actors Meryl Streep (editor-in-chief of Runway magazine), Anne Hathaway (Assistant to Miranda Priestly), Emily Blunt, and Stanley Tucci will reunite for this sequel. We know you can't control your excitement and curiosity but be careful don't stubble on those heels.

Who will be back?

We are expecting Aline Brosh McKenna, who originally opened the film, to be back as a screenwriter. In addition, it's confirmed that the editor-in-chief Streep (Miranda Priestly) and assistant Emily Charlton (Emily Blunt) are returning. However, there are still talks about whether Andrea Sach (Anne Hathaway-Assistant to Miranda Priestly) will reprise her role. Considering the groundbreaking performances coming from these actors and of course our nostalgic references we are not ready for any other potential cast to lead the ‘Devil legacy’ because clearly nobody else’s feet fit in those heels.

What is the potential story planned?

With the cast that is not openly disclosed as of now, we have the storyline intact for yet another blockbuster dramedy. From all of the sequel titbits in the industry, we are expecting a full 180-degree turn of the power dynamics. Yes, you are hearing the story develop the other way around this time. In today's world where digital has long taken over print issues, we will see Miranda Priestly in complete authority denial, and to the contrary Emily Charlton (Assistant to Miranda Priestly) making waves in her career by upgrading her position to a luxury house’s power executive role where she would handle the advertising contracts. Priestly, the boss lady of the previous film will now potentially appear as a boss baby to Emily Charlton demanding the advertising dollars she desperately needs. So will she help or take her long-lived revenge from the devil lady? Have your answers ready!! This is getting fun, isn't it? It's probably the best sequel storyline that we can manifest.

What it might mean for fashion?

The costume designer Patricia Field widely known for her works in iconic classics like Sex and the City and Emily in Paris to name a few, simply stunned the fashion enthusiast with the memorable outfit looks in the The Devil Wears Prada 2006 release. From the historic mini checked skirt and the thigh boots work look she has served looks and how! Field even got an Oscar nomination for the film’s costume design. 

She quoted in one of her interviews 10 years after the release that ‘the fashion industry has undergone a uniformity’ so what are we accepting from fashion in the upcoming sequel?

It’s definitely too early to know who would be the next to set limits in fashion for this movie but as everyone else is manifesting and hoping for the best cast, best storylines we might as well also pray for a pioneering fashion change. Patricia Field has always spoken about being a trendsetter, so all the fashionistas out there will surely expect originality in fashion, exactly what the fashion industry needs in 2024.

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