The best reasons to start working out—losing weight is not it

Get a mental re-set on why you want to hit the gym.

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When it comes to making a step towards better health and fitness, most people equate this to their weight-some do this to gain weight, some to lose it and others, to maintain it. One of the biggest motivating factors for them to work out or eat in a more nutritious way is driven by wanting to get to a certain body size. But can this be the ideal reason to take up an activity that ultimately benefits us in so many ways? Also, does it promote body positivity, a topic that’s always up for debate?

While you may argue that all the body positivity talk also promotes inaction against obesity, many believe it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. I believe, being fit is more important than being of a certain size and if your weight is hampering your health, then it should be addressed. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or for others to shame you for your weight—and it is definitely not a standard of beauty.

It’s the obsession with losing weight that takes away the positive aspects of a good workout. Research says that weight-loss fixation can further reduce your self-esteem and make you more emotionally stressed.

So, what should be good reasons to squeeze in time for a good workout? Check them out…

It improves your mood

We do know that immediately after any form of physical activity, you experience mood enhancement and according to research, these results can have a long-term impact. According to American Psychological Association (APA), regular exercising can make you less prone to depression. In fact, if you maintain regular physical activity, it tends to reduce the chances of a relapse.

You are less likely to panic in fight-or-flight situations

Jasper Smits, PhD, Co-Director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas told APA that regularly exercising can improve your response to panic situations and reduce your anxiety.

You sleep better 

Research has proven that working out can reduce sleep onset (the time you take to fall asleep). It also improves your sleep quality, as well as reduces daytime drowsiness. You feel more active, experience better cognitive function throughout the day, and also have reduced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. So work out for better sleep and more productivity, rather than losing weight!

Your relationships and sex life improve

When you are working out, you have an increased production of happy hormones, which makes you less prone to crankiness. You are more active and have a better inclination to indulge in sex. But most importantly, exercise is known to improve erections in men and vaginal lubrication as well as clitoral orgasms in women. So, work out your way into a better sex life!

It prevents several physical ailments 

We are already aware that exercise can improve our health considerably. From managing your insulin production to maintaining good cardiac health, working out is important for your well-being and longevity of life.