The 25 best Twitter reactions to 'Bridgerton' season three part one

“When is the Benedict Bridgerton season?”

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Bridgerton has finally returned, and its third season is full of swoons and surprises. According to users on X (the social platform formerly known as Twitter), fans are delighted by the new season’s spotlight on wallflower Penelope Featherington and her longtime crush Colin Bridgerton.

Though the newly released four episodes constitute only the first half of the new season—part two is out on June 13—they’re full of the show’s signature steamy love scenes. Viewers haven’t been able to contain their reactions to the romance, drama, and gossip bubbling to the surface in the pages of Lady Whistledown’s scandal sheets.

Below, we rounded up some of the funniest social media reactions to Bridgerton’s latest episodes. Keep scrolling to see them all—but gentle reader, be wary of spoilers ahead.

X users (and the ton) couldn’t contain their excitement over the upcoming courting season.

Still, they had opinions about Colin’s new look after he returned from his travels.


Things heat up between Penelope and Colin, as their friendship turns into something more.


On the other hand, Penelope and Eloise struggle to repair their own relationship.

The Kent family gets a bigger storyline this season.

Colin is sneakily encouraged to go after Penelope by his mother, Violet Bridgerton.

Colin asks Penelope to marry him, undermining her proposal from Lord Debling.

It’s inevitable Colin will find out that Penelope is Lady Whistedown.

And Colin isn’t the only Bridgerton sibling whom fans are interested in. X users hope upcoming episodes will spotlight his brother Benedict.

Now we wait for part two of the new season …


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This article originally appeared in in May 2024.

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