Signs you are just a rebound to them

It may hurt later once the rose-tinted glasses are off.

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When we start a new romance, everything in our lives feels better. You walk around with a spring in your step and when you’re texting them, a smile is almost always there on your face. There is a lot of sexting and confidence-boasting flirting. You start dressing a little more and the orgasms you are getting on the regular just add to your overall radiance! 

Before you know it, you get used to the love and attention they are giving you. Let’s face it, while we are fully capable of adapting to change, we aren’t very non-resistant towards it when it takes place. Which is why if things begin to change in your connection with them and not for the better, it starts hurting you. What happens when after getting all attached, you realise you were nothing but a rebound for them? 

You will be left feeling hurt and like you wasted your time. Often, the person who is rebounding is not aware that they are only looking for a band-aid relationship. So it may not be intentional, but it may end up breaking your heart if you get involved. 

Don’t wait for so long to figure—here are signs that you are a rebound to them. 

They are into you too much too soon 

If your partner recently ended a long-term relationship and immediately started dating you, it could be a sign that they haven't fully processed their previous breakup and are using (possibly not intentionally) you as a way to cope or distract themselves. It’s okay to go slow but if they seem already head over heels in love with you, something doesn’t add up.

They are hot and cold 

If your partner's emotions and interest in you seem to fluctuate frequently, going from affectionate and attentive to distant and disinterested, it might indicate that they are unsure about their feelings and using you as a temporary distraction.

They compare you with their ex

If your partner consistently brings up their ex in conversations or constantly compares you to them, it might indicate that they are still emotionally attached or not fully over their previous relationship. For instance, if you like the same kind of movies as them and they say how their ex didn’t, it means they are measuring you against their ex. If the comparison is negative, they are not only using you as a rebound but they also not respect you.

They are emotionally unavailable

If your partner is emotionally distant, avoids deep conversations, or seems reluctant to commit to a more serious relationship, it could be a sign that they are not fully invested in building a genuine connection with you.

They have a rebound pattern

If your partner has a history of quickly moving from one relationship to another without taking time for self-reflection or healing, it might be a pattern that suggests they use relationships as a way to avoid dealing with their own emotional baggage.

But not all rebounds are bad...

It is possible to heal while also going out with someone new. Healing takes time and is almost always a long-term process. According to a study, people who recently went through a breakup and found new partners were able to be more confident and trust again. They were also able to move on from their exes—not just on the surface. If your partner is working on themselves, growing and are able to be on their own, it could be a good relationship even if it happened too soon.