Signs you are dating an advocate of gender equality

That's what we need, that's what we want!

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Patriarchy is a pandemic that has affected generations of humans—and stepping away from a gender-biased script will be neither an overnight nor a universal phenomenon. We are on the journey towards unlearning, but while you may be further ahead, some people may be way behind depending on their experiences and socio-economic factors.

This is why, irrespective of how repetitive some things about gender equality may sound to some people; they need to be spoken of again and again. The change is rather gradual, but it is happening. Gender will continue to be a relevant subject because we’re not even halfway to establishing equality.

While many think feminism is a women’s movement, it is not. Sexism impacts both men and women, discriminatory attitudes affect everyone, and men may have an unfair share of benefits. Our society fails to realise that gender roles have also been taken away from them. If you’re forced to conform to gender stereotypes, not be able to show vulnerability, and feel pressured to practice toxic dominance to feel masculine, you are losing as a person. And what does it say about a person who enjoys comfort at the cost of making another suffer? 

No wonder people across the world prefer a partner who is an advocate of gender equality and doesn’t just support it in theory. If you love having a partner like that, too, here are signs they are exactly that. 

They are not restricted by gender stereotypes

Men are taught not to cry or be vulnerable. But they don’t care about what society says about gender roles. They are a softie with you or, at least, are on their path to bare their soul. They will also never expect you to be a certain way because of your gender. 

They value your opinions 

They neither mansplain nor manterrupt. Men who don’t see women as equals will often take the same advice from their male friends but not from a female friend, partner, or colleague. But a man who values you and sees you as an intelligent person will take into account what you think.

They have no issues with a woman’s authority

If a man doesn’t believe in gender equality, they will be averse to the idea of accepting a woman's leadership. But if your man loves it when you’re in charge or has no issues with a female senior’s authority, you can tell they are an advocate of gender equality. Bonus points if he appreciates the career graph of women who broke glass ceilings with the same enthusiasm as you do!

They don’t pass sexist remarks on other women 

Your partner may be nice to you, but if he goes around pulling down other women, they do not advocate gender equality. Assassinating a woman’s character who has multiple sex partners, attributing a woman’s success to their charm or even objectifying them—none of these things make for a progressive person and an ally! 

They treat your career with equal respect and significance 

Sexism is deeply ingrained in our society and as per the redundant gender scripts, our male counterparts were supposed to be the breadwinners. Even though we have evolved and women are working, occupying leadership positions and have proven to be skillful in every profession, these attitudes remain. If your partner values, respects and is proud of your career, they have unlearnt these sexist notions. 

They take feedback and are willing to grow

They are not stuck in their ways and stagnant in the growth they’ve made. They continue to learn and grow and listen to your perspective to understand it. If you explain how something impacts you, they don’t act tone-deaf even if they hadn’t thought of that earlier. 

They care about your pleasure

Gender equality means your orgasms are equally important and they need to be mindful of the gap in the time men and women require to climax. In romantic relationships, this shows they care about your pleasure and respect female sexuality.

They don’t act entitled 

A sense of entitlement is part of the patriarchal attitudes our society reeks of. If they take your ‘no’ for a ‘no’ and don’t act like certain things are owed to them because of their gender, it means they don’t feel a sense of superiority. 

They don’t act tough in front of their friends

It’s common to see guys acting like they don’t care about their partners in front of their friends just to show dominance in their relationship. But a man who is secure in his masculinity and respects women won’t behave in that manner. They will show dedication and love in front of the world!