Little things you can do for your partner everyday to keep the love growing

All the pick-me-ups guaranteed to make all the difference.

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In a relationship, people are only wary of the more significant problems that can negatively impact the longevity of their connection. You may assume as long as your relationship isn’t tainted by infidelity, abuse, and deception, it will be all good. Love, respect, and compatibility can help you build a strong foundation, but there are several little things that can decide the fate of your partnership. 

Loving someone during the honeymoon phase is different from when you are invested in the relationship. It ceases to be about promises made while watching sunsets and taking sexcations with your partner and goes on to become about so much more as you see your partner at their worst and go on to love them nonetheless. You also reflect on things you can improve about yourself to make the journey with your partner even more beautiful. 

At no point in your long-term relationship can you stop putting in the effort, and it’s not always the grand gestures and the big things but the small initiatives that can strengthen your relationship. 

If you’re wondering how you can put in effort for your partner in your day-to-day life, here are a few things we suggest.

Ask if they have eaten 

A lot of people act like they are above displaying concern in this way. They may say it’s juvenile, but have you ever felt angry about a partner asking you if you’ve eaten? The only feeling this check-in exhibits is care. We live busy lives and are constantly on the go, and simply checking whether your partner has eaten will make them feel cared for and hopefully motivate them to eat on time. If your partner tends to skip breakfast, you can remind them to prepare their overnight oats jar or any other quick recipe they can grab and go.

Be mindful of their schedule 

One of the worst things you can make your partner feel is that you don’t value their time and how they spend it. Everyone has several commitments—to others and themselves. Thus, both partners need to make the effort to ensure one’s schedule is not given more priority than the other’s. If they need their ‘me time’ post work, you can plan other things in that window and accommodate them after that. Similarly, if you like going to the gym in the morning, you can talk to them during your lunch break or evening. 

Send ‘This reminded me of you’ texts 

The thing about being in love is that your partner never leaves you, even when they are not around you. Irrespective of what you do during the day and how engrossed you are in work, your partner remains at the back of your mind. Absolutely anything can remind you of them—be it a song you are listening to, a joke cracked by your colleague, or a reel on IG. Dropping a text to tell them what made you think of them will make them feel they are a significant part of your life. 

Give them their kind of love 

For a person to understand your words, they need to understand your language. Two people may have different love languages, and you need to learn your partner’s if you want them to feel loved. If they need verbal validation, give it to them; if they need acts of kindness, give them that!

Do random acts of kindness

You know how sometimes you wish you had extra hands and a few extra hours in the day to get all your work done? Everybody needs a little help! If you see your partner struggling, help them out. For instance, if they have an important meeting to go to and their mother needs to be picked up from the airport, you can offer to do it if feasible. It can also be as small as ordering their favourite dessert when they are having a bad day. 

Follow up on the stories they tell you 

I love it when my partner remembers everything I talk to him about, and he gets brownie points when he checks with me on how the stories proceeded. You feel special when your partner shows interest and involvement in your life outside this partnership,  like you are best friends first and then lovers!

Cut them some slack

Have you ever felt you want to complain but your partner is going through a lot, so you want to hold it off for later? That’s a wise thing to do! If your partner had a bad day or is trying to streamline a few things in their life, it’s okay to let it go for the greater good. They need your love at that moment; you can tell them what annoyed you later! 

Remind them to take their medicines/vitamins

As much as I love consistency, I find it hard to apply it to taking care of my health. If your partner is similar, they will find it adorable if you can bring that consistency into their life. Reminding them to take their medicines shows that you care and are in for the boring bits as well.

Give them your undivided attention 

Between replying to texts, watching reels, and getting distracted by restocking your beauty closet, how do you make sure your partner is not getting the leftovers of your time? You need to connect without distractions. For at least an hour, turn off all your gadgets and give them your undivided attention. It will mean a lot to them.

Wish them good morning and good night

This is highly underrated but it really brightens up your day! Sending them cute morning texts will put a smile on their face and it may be ammo enough to defeat their existential crisis that day. A warm goodnight text from you will make sure they sleep well. If you live together, you can either say it or text each other anyway!

Let them be imperfect 

The best thing you can do for your partner on a daily basis is to let them be their crazy selves. Give them the space to be vulnerable, and let them know how much you love them every day!