Interior decor tips to spruce up small spaces

The key is lighting and a limited aesthetic.

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Attempting to decorate a small space may seem painstaking—you’re tempted to give it a personality but don’t want it to look like a tornado hit it. What if we told you there is a way to get the best of both worlds, and you can liven up your space while still keeping it clutter-free and homely. There is no magic spell, unfortunately, but there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your petite space seem bigger than it is without sacrificing your personal aesthetic. 

Light, light, light!

First things first, get rid of your blinds. Allow the sunlight to liven up your space. If you don’t have enough natural light, add some white-yellowish overhead fixtures to create a warm and cosy environment. Another old trick in the book is to decorate your walls with mirrors; these will reflect light and make the room seem larger and airier than it is. 

Stick to your chosen aesthetic 

Just because the space you are attempting to decorate is small doesn’t mean it has to be a boring blob of white; don’t be afraid to play with colours, prints, and textures. Go ahead and paint one wall a dark colour while leaving the rest an egg-shell cream colour. Hang an artwork or decorate with fairy lights and picture frames. The idea is to pick a few statement decor pieces and let them breathe life into the room.  

Pick a limited aesthetic and customise it to suit your taste. Even something as simple as a contrasting armchair could make the room cheery. However, do keep in mind to throw in some neutral elements to ensure you don’t overwhelm the room.

Ditch the clutter 

Do you remember the entertainment centre that Joey built in FRIENDS? Do you remember why they had to sell it? It took up too much space and made the room look smaller. Learn from Joey and Chandler’s mistake, and don’t clutter the space with side tables and cabinets. Instead, install floating shelves, a dining table that folds up, a wall-mounted TV, and overhead lighting. Keep the floor clear of obstacles, so you have more space to walk.

Get creative with storage 

If you look closely enough, you’ll find decor pieces that also serve as storage options. An ottoman with space to put your linens or an apothecary-like wooden centre table. Instead of shoving everything into one closet and dealing with an avalanche every time you try to open it, think outside the box. Pun intended.   

Let your furniture breathe  

Nothing says ‘I don’t have enough space’ than packing all your furniture in a room. Keep the furniture from the wall and leave some walking space between the pieces. Yep, this means that you’ll have to Marie Kondo your home and get rid of all the pieces you’re hoarding.