How to make the most of your weekends if you have a demanding work life

Don't let the fear of Monday keep you from enjoying your weekend.

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We live in a world where hustling is glorified. Most of us are overworked and often (with travel) we dedicate more than 12 hours to our work life. So it's only the weekends (that is if you don't have "important" tasks to finish) that you have to yourself, making the 9-to-5 (aka 9 to 9) grind more bearable. It's this idea of owning two whole days and spending time the way you like that keeps you going through the week. You may prefer spending weekends in bed scrolling through social media, binge-watching a new series, cooking a meal, reorganising your wardrobe, dining with friend, or doing a little bit of everything. A weekend without work is indeed a weekend well spent, but how do you make the most of these 48 hours? How do you make time for everything you like to do? We are here to help you answer these questions and more.

Unplug from work

First and foremost, unplugging from work is essential. While some of us love our jobs and find it difficult to disconnect, it’s crucial to leave work at work to fully enjoy your weekend. Your mind, like your body, needs to relax, which isn’t possible if you’re preoccupied with a presentation you have to make on Monday. If you can’t fully unplug, schedule brief check-ins for urgent matters, but don’t spend your weekend constantly checking work emails and messages.

Indulge in a hobby or side hustle

Engaging in a hobby or side hustle can be incredibly fulfilling. Many millennials find this a productive way to spend weekends. Whether it’s baking, painting, or crafting, pursuing a hobby can be therapeutic and help you de-stress. If you’re passionate about your hobby, you might even consider turning it into a side hustle.

Plan new experiences

Trying new experiences is another great way to spend your weekends. Learn a new skill like playing an instrument, crocheting, or cooking. You could also explore unique activities like wine tasting, pottery classes, or visiting art shows. These experiences can enrich your life and provide a refreshing break from your routine.

Take a mini vacation

You don’t need to wait for long weekends or holidays to take a break. A quick two-day mini vacation can be as rejuvenating as a longer holiday. Travel closer to home and discover hidden gems. It’s a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends or family while satisfying your travel aspirations.

Clean or redecorate your space

If you want to feel productive and engage in a rewarding project, revamping your room is a great activity. Transforming your space can boost creativity, improve your mood, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Simple changes like rearranging furniture, painting walls, or adding new décor can make your home feel more inviting and personalised. DIY projects such as crafting custom shelves or repurposing vintage finds, can add a unique touch to your place and provide immense satisfaction.

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