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Harper's Bazaar India

It’s always been difficult for me to express my emotions, thoughts and feelings in an accurate manner. A few months ago, as I was recovering from a bout of anxiety I read about how journaling could help overcome it. I decided to try it. But with only my frenzied mind to help me pen down my thoughts it was agonising to fill even one page. I’m certain that I’m not the only one. There are many ways to combat anxiety in our day-to-day lives such as meditation, physical exercise and journaling. However, it can be overwhelming to be alone with your mind—whether during a five minute meditation or while writing in a diary. So, we’ve got just the thing for you. If you think journaling can help you deal with your emotions better, but hasn’t been entirely effective yet, we’d urge you to try using guided journals with questions and steps that will help you understand yourself better. Here’s a list of journals you can try. 


The Humanhood guided journals might just be the right pick for you. With easy guidelines, thought-provoking prompts and questions, their journals are ideal for you to begin your journey of self-love and healing. The 'self-awareness' journal consists of 120 questions that will help you understand yourself entirely, while the 'brain dump' journal has been designed to help you organise your thoughts, ideas and emotions in a meticulous manner. Starting from Rs 1,145.

Odd Giraffe 

Odd Giraffe’s guided journals are incredibly charming and calming to the mind. Each wellness journal is designed keeping in mind a different aesthetic, so, there’s something for everyone. Each journal comes with a set of different tasks and prompts that will help you navigate your emotions in a constructive manner. Their gratitude journal prompts you to think about the little moments of your day that truly matter and enable you to think positively towards various situations. Starting from Rs 1,599.

Treasure Tales

With Treasure Tales’ Feeling journal, you might just be able to express your emotion with all honesty as you can. The journal will help you process your feelings and let go of emotions that have been repressed in your mind, body and heart. It is filled with guidelines to writing positive affirmations for self-love and questions to answer your deepest thoughts which will relieve you of your stress, fears, and insecurities. Starting from Rs 499. 


Amrutam’s wellness journal draws on the idea that it is important to check in with your mental state, thoughts, and emotions every day. It has been inspired by the five elements of nature and put together meticulously so that you can connect with your inner self through its prompts and tasks. Here’s your reminder to squeeze in some me time for yourself, no matter how busy your day gets. Starting from Rs 1,749. 

The June Shop 

The June Shop’s guide journal is the encouragement for adventure that you didn’t know you needed. Some of the highlights of the journal include an Ikigai worksheet to help you align your goals, feelings and values, a vision board (to manifest your dreams into reality) and an illustrated Spotify playlist page with positive songs, feeling check-in, a travel bucket-list and so much more. Use this for a well-rounded approach to combat your anxiety, paving the way for mindful living. Starting from Rs 2,100.