Here’s what we can tell about you, if you love solo travel

Personal growth means a lot to you.

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Travel and memories go hand in hand. When we talk about memories, we assume they have to be made with our loved ones. We look back to the best days we had with our families, friends, and partners but rarely do we ever think that these special moments can be about our solo experiences. However, according to a report by The Flashpacker, a website that helps people plan solo travel, sojourns of solitude have increased considerably across the world. 

Google searches on the term have tripled between 2015 and 2023. According to an Overseas Adventure Travel report, 47 per cent of people were travelling solo, 85 per cent of which were women. It was also found that a majority of solo travellers in Asia were millennials and Gen Zs. 

Solo travel is not for everyone though. There are many people who cannot wrap their heads around the concept because they see travel as an opportunity to unwind but with their loved ones. However, those who take vacations by themselves, swear by it. These are people who can relate to Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani or Kangana Ranaut in Queen. They can feel the mix of nervousness and excitement the women felt, before setting out on their journeys, and return home feeling rejuvenated and happier. 

Our choices and experiences speak volumes about who we are, and if you love solo travel, this is what it says about you.

You’re confident 

Confidence is not the absence of fear or doubts, it’s pushing yourself to do things that can make you happy, despite having things holding you back. And from the moment the idea is born to when you book your travel, you cross several milestones in building that confidence, which reaches its peak when you’re there, just shining! You’re independent and very comfortable in knowing you can handle both unfamiliar faces and solitude. 

You seek truth and simplicity 

As a solo traveller, more than company, it’s about absorbing the bliss that emerges from the picturesque views around you. The crisp smell of cold mountain air, the mesmerising views of sunsets at the beach or the tranquillity of a still lake—you seek nature which is all about truth and lack of pretentiousness.  

You are a go-getter

Many people become solo travellers because they are tired of cancelling or postponing plans due to the unavailability of their companions. So many people never end up going on trips they really wanted for themselves. But you, you are a go-getter. You don’t waste time overthinking or ruminating on things. You go after what you want and create your own happiness!

You seek personal growth 

If you’re a solo traveller, there are chances you also enjoy doing other things alone—whether it is reading a book at a cafe or simply staying home to do nothing. And when we are alone with our thoughts, we have the time and pace to introspect and reflect on things. Travel heals you, it changes you, and when done alone, it offers personal growth, one trip at a time!

Uncertainty doesn’t stop you from taking the leap 

You don’t know how it will pan out or whether you will get along with the people you will meet on your trip. Everything is uncertain but you don’t let it stop you. Many people are scared of uncertainties but you have overcome that and are ready to let time tell!