Here are sad-sweet things to do when you miss your partner

Stay connected, even when apart!

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When you miss someone, you feel a wide range of emotions. You feel a little sad because they are not with you and you feel a little more love because you remember all the sweet memories you have together. And some of us, feel a little angry because we aren’t the best at processing these sentiments. I always thought it was just me, until I found that it’s quite common. Experts say it’s because you feel a sense of ‘abandonment’ when your partner is not around for long, and also because anger is easier to express than several mixed emotions. 

Anger or irritation can take away from the sweet feeling of loving someone so much that you miss them when they are not around. How do you channel all that into something positive? Do things that remind you of them, in a happy way, so you don’t feel sad or angry—and you can truly cherish these special moments.

Here’s what you can do when you’re missing your boo!

Re-read old texts

Sometimes, when I miss my partner, I re-read our old chats, especially those that felt like a warm hug. You should ‘star’ mark all your favourite messages, old and new, so you can just go back to them when you feel like it. Some will make you smile, some will make you laugh, and some will make you want to give them a big kiss! In fact, you can then share those chats with them so they can join you down the sweet lane of nostalgia. 

Make a cute video memory

If your boo is away and you want to make them feel special (remember, they are missing you too), take a bunch of your favourite pictures and videos and stitch them to make a cute video memory. You can add a song you want to dedicate to them, put some text, and watch the final product 100 times! At first, this may seem juvenile, but it will spice up your love life with innocent and uncomplicated romance like you had in high school! 

Listen to your relationship playlist 

You don’t have to leave your work and sulk while missing your partner. Make a playlist (shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes!) and listen to the songs you feel perfectly describe your connection. You can even share this playlist with your partner to take the romance up a notch!

Send them a ‘thinking of you’ gift/card 

Imagine, your partner is away and busy with something and you brighten up their day with their favourite dessert. You can send them a greeting card too, online or offline, depending on what is feasible. That way, you not only make your partner smile but also stay connected while geographically apart.

Wear their clothes and/or perfume 

If you don’t have their clothes and/or perfume lying around, it’s essential that you prep for this in advance the next time your partner will be away from you. It’s a whole different feeling when you wear your partner’s clothes; it feels like you have their arms around you. In fact, research says, smelling your partner's clothes can reduce stress!