Have you tried shower sex?

Here’s how it can bring more intimacy and adventure in your relationship.

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When done right, sex can feel liberating and relaxing. It gives you an extra dose of happy hormones, and you walk around with a spring in your step post-canoodling. Even if it makes you so joyful, when you stop experimenting, things can get monotonous.

Many couples prefer experimenting with sex positions and sensations to spice things up in their intimate lives. And shower sex can prove to be exhilarating for many couples as they explore new ways to heighten intimacy in their relationship. 

Shower sex can be tricky—I personally never recommend indulging in penetrative sex in any slippery area. But sex is not just about intercourse. It is also (and majorly) about everything that happens before that.

Kissing under the water pouring over your bodies and seeing your reflection in a semi-fogged mirror while you’re getting it on—what’s not to love here? It can be messy, soapy, naughty, and a little bit funny; there are no rules! Shower sex can completely transform your sex life and bring a lot of excitement and intimacy to your relationship. Don't believe us? Here’s how.

Variety and adventure

Adding shower sex to your repertoire can introduce variety and novelty into your sexual routine. Exploring different environments and experiences can help break the monotony and add excitement to your sex life.

Sensual stimulation

The combination of warm water, steam, and the tactile sensations of water running over your body can create a heightened sensory experience. The sensations of water droplets, slick skin, and the unique environment can enhance arousal and pleasure.

Enhanced intimacy and connection

Sharing an intimate space like the shower can create a deeper emotional bond between partners. The proximity, physical touch, and vulnerability of being naked together can foster a stronger sense of intimacy and connection.

Increased spontaneity

The availability of a quick and accessible sexual encounter in the shower can contribute to a more spontaneous and adventurous sex life. It can be a playful and impulsive act that breaks the routine and adds excitement to your sexual relationship.

Sensory exploration

The shower environment offers opportunities for sensory exploration and experimentation. You can incorporate different sensations such as the feel of water, temperature play, or using shower-friendly toys, to explore new avenues of pleasure.

Relaxation and stress relief

Taking a shower together can create a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. The warm water and the physical closeness can help you unwind, reduce stress, and create a more positive mindset for sexual intimacy.