How emerging artist, Raihaan R Vadra is striving to make art more inclusive and accessible with his work

The visual artist and photographer is inspired by everyday life experiences in his installations.

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A transformative hiatus caused by a sporting accident in 2017 became a turning point for Raihan Vadra, the new kid on the art block. “I started taking pictures when I was really young, what started as a hobby turned into a passion as I got older,” says Raihan, a visual artist and photographer who takes inspiration from everyday life experiences to build installations that resonate with a larger audience. “The first ‘You Cannot Miss This’ show (a curated exhibition) was held at Bikaner House in February 2022 and the second show is currently at Method Juhu in Mumbai till December 9.” The collective was founded in 2022, dedicated to giving artists complete creative control over their displays. He, along with the others, aims to make art more accessible to a younger audience by diversifying the market.


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And if one may ask, how would this be possible considering that art has always held an exclusive position, Raihan states, “We are trying to draw the audience in by including programmes around the art that centres around music, fashion, and conversation. We are also introducing collectible artworks that make it easier and more affordable for a younger audience to step into collecting art. Our shows have a very free and inclusive feeling about them."

Raihan Vadra

His desire to break free from the traditional photographic norms—to curate a sensory experience, led by the central question of how to disrupt and draw the attention of the viewer to the art—made him look beyond photography and gravitate towards installations and immersive experiences. His previous works such as 'Dark Perception' is a commentary on modern life and Raihan’s work tried to project the idea that it is darkness that sets us free. His another work, ‘Anumana: An evocation of choice’, reflects on the reaction of the human mind to the ideas of choice and compulsion. “They are part of a series of five solo shows, spread over a decade, based on the five schools of logic in Indian philosophy. All five shows are interconnected and built on similar themes,” adds Raihan.

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Talking about his inspirations, Raihan blurts out many names, from Paul Cocksedge, Cindy Sherman, and Anish Kapoor, to Olafur Eliasson, Kunel Gaur, Rick Rubin and Bharat Sikka. Looking ahead, Raihan expresses excitement about an upcoming project in 2024. A lot lies ahead for this emerging young artist.