5 signs you are drifting apart in your relationship

Geographical distance is okay, emotional is not!

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When you get into a relationship, you hope it works out; you don’t willingly enter one expecting heartbreak or to drift apart. Initially, everything seems like a dream, and even their flaws seem endearing. It’s all about spending time together, saying sweet nothings to each other, lots of kissing and elevated levels of happy hormones.

As time passes, the relationship starts getting real, and you realise it is more work than finding an apt romantic GIF to send them. Things change. In a healthy relationship, the change is good as you establish a deeper connection. But sometimes, change can make you feel disconnected.

If you’re wondering if it’s happening to you right now, here are a few signs you can look for.

Your conversations are dying

The first sign of any relationship being low on health is compromised communication—you don’t know what to talk about anymore, and, when you do, there is an evident underlying tension in your communication. 

Physical affection becomes rare

Remember when you just couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Well, now you don’t shower each other with hugs and kisses, and you don’t keep your head on their shoulder while you talk about your dreams. It’s not about sex. In fact, if you are having a lot of sex but are not showing enough affection otherwise, it can mean that love is leaving the house, and there’s only lust left behind.

You enjoy more with your friends 

When you’re happy in love, doing absolutely nothing with your boo also makes you happy. But now, you feel like your time with other people is more enjoyable and valuable. You both are spending more time apart, voluntarily.

They are not your go-to person anymore

They used to be the first person you called—whether something was troubling you when something amazing happened, or you had a funny story to tell. If they aren’t anymore, it’s a clear sign you are drifting apart.

You hesitate to make plans that are way in the future

Subconsciously, you know things have changed, and you don’t want to imagine a future with them. And when you end up talking about the future, their response gives it away that they are feeling the distance too!
If these signs stand true for you, If these signs stand true for you, chances are you are drifting apart. But every relationship requires work, and it is fixable with enough effort. You both just need to decide if you want and intend to do that!