5 ongoing art exhibitions around India you should visit this month

Mark your calendars and embark on a cultural journey through the world of art.

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Art in India is not confined to a few galleries or art shows alone. It extends from the streets of metro cities to the quiet landscapes of historical towns, it can be discovered in the rich architecture of the country and its rich cultural heritage. And it is only flourishing. Whether you're a seasoned collector, an admirer, or simply curious to explore, there's something for everyone in the diverse and dynamic realm of Indian art.

Here’s a curated list of ongoing showcases that promise to captivate, inspire, and ignite the imagination of art enthusiasts. 

A Reconstruct by Jeram Patel 

Jeram Patel, Palette Art Gallery

Jeram Patel, fondly known as Jeram Bhai, was celebrated for his innovative techniques, notably his use of a blowtorch on wood and his avoidance of colour. With over 20 artworks on display, the showcase titled A Reconstruct at Palette Art Gallery commemorates Patel's expansive career. The retrospective exhibition offers a glimpse into Patel's vast body of work, spanning from the 1960s to 2016, and provides a comprehensive view of his artistic evolution. One of the standout pieces from the exhibition is a blowtorch-on-laminated-wood artwork from 1960, that seems to appear as if light is radiating from it. 

On view at: Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi 

Date: Until February 17

Superposition by Alicja Kwade and RMZ Foundation 

Alicja Kwade, RMZ Foundation

Internationally acclaimed, Berlin-based contemporary visual artist, Alicja Kwade, in association with the RMZ Foundation, has taken over the Sculpture Park in Jaipur—a contemporary public sculpture space—with her installation titled Superposition. The installation comprises interlocking steel frames, which resemble a folding screen, with some frames left bare and others equipped with double-sided mirrors. These are accompanied by chairs topped with stone spheres reminiscent of planets, creating a symmetrical interplay between transparency and reflection. Kwade encourages viewers to interact with the installation, and through its spatial ambiguity, prompts them to reflect on their relationship with the world, challenge established systems, and invite critical reflection.

On view at: The Sculpture Park at Madhavendra Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Date: Until December 1

Ghosts in My Sleep by Sohrab Hura

Sohrab Hura, Ghosts in My Sleep

Ghosts in My Sleep, Sohrab Hura’s solo show, takes its title from his new body of work that comprises works on paper made with gouache. These small paintings are accompanied by the ongoing pastel drawings from Things Felt But Not Quite Expressed, the short film, Bittersweet, as well as other image and sound notations. Together, the elements underscore Hura’s ongoing engagement with the ‘image’. While photography has been integral to Hura’s practice, his shift towards experimentation with the moving image, sound, and now drawing and painting, reflects his attempt to engage with a constantly shifting image world. 

On view at: Experimenter, Colaba, Mumbai

Date: Until March 16

12 Masters – Part 2: Neorealism to Social Realism


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The 12 Masters exhibition is divided into three parts. The first, Vision showcases the works of four artists, while the ongoing exhibition—the second part, delves into the works of an additional eight artists. It explores the gradual journey from ideas of neorealism and magic realism, explored by Bikash Bhattacharjee, to social realist sentiments expressed by artists like Jogen Chowdhury, Meera Mukherjee, and Jaya Ganguly. The third part will showcase the works of sculptor Sarbari Roy Chowdhury, graphics and bronzes by Somnath Hore, as well as graphics and temperas by Lalu Prasad Shaw and Sanat Kar.

On view at: CIMA Gallery, Kolkata

Date: Until March 1

Reflections 2.0 by Bhupal Ramnathkar

Bhupal Ramnathkar, Reflections 2.0

Bhupal Ramnathkar’s Reflections 2.0 is the latest instalment of his immersive photography series. Ramnathkar's narrative focuses on the scenic beauty of Paradise on Earth and is a reflection of his forty years of work. The showcase has been infused with opulent touches like 24-carat gold accents, monumental screens, and intricate layering techniques which transform traditional photography into an immersive experience. Blurring the line between reality and imagination, the exhibition invites viewers to explore a world where reflections merge with reality, offering a unique perspective on Ramnathkar’s vision.

On view at: Snowball Studios, Worli, Mumbai

Date: Until February 18


Lead image: Sohrab Hura 

Image credits: Palette Art Gallery and Sohrab Hura