4 books to get your heart strings humming

Gripping tales on love, loss, and survival.

Harper's Bazaar India

We have loved, and we have lost. And if we haven't it's taken a tragic story to destroy our heart and walk all over it. That said, it is these very tales that have made us believe in ourselves for the characters in them have persevered and sailed through the storm. These books explore all things love, loss and survival, that you will not put down the moment you start its first page. 

The Naani Diaries by Riva Razdan 

Hop aboard the tumultuous journey of love, heartbreak, and relocation in this riveting read following the life of Radhika Anand. As the threat of loneliness looms large, she turns to her grandmother’s love story for a fresh start. (HarperCollins India)

Imaginary Rain by Vikas Khanna

Engulfed in despair following the loss of her son, her lease,and her zeal to cook, a woman in her fifties—on the cusp of a midlife crisis—grapples with her past, in the quest to copewith her present. (Penguin Random House India)

C: A Novel by Anupama Raju

Marrying prose and poetry, Anupama Raju’s work of fiction is a tale of two cities—both of which have influenced the protagonist in seemingly similar ways. Her debut novel delves deep into pain, loss, hope, and possibility. (Aleph Book Company)

Kintsugi by Anukrti Upadhyay

Anukrti Upadhyay’s novel, set between Jaipur and Japan, canvasses the lives of powerful, young men and women who are challenging conventional norms and breaching boundaries. (HarperCollins India)