Simple tips to tweak your make-up routine in your 30s

Don’t let your thirties do you dirty.

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Turning 30 means so many things to so many people! Whether you see it as a milestone or just a number, you can’t deny your body is changing, your hormones are going haywire, and caught in the crossfires is your skin. No, you won't be dealing with sagging skin and wrinkles the moment you step into thirty, but with time you’ll experience a different set of woes than you did in your 20s. Fret not! Celebrity make-up artist, Riddhima Sharma gives us a lowdown on how you need to change your make-up routine in your 30s, so that you can cater to its new needs and wants.

Prep Is Key

Starting off with a fresh, prepped canvas is important. “Prepping your skin thoroughly before applying make-up is essential,” says Sharma. “Make sure to use a rich moisturiser plus an illuminator before applying your base, as it can make the skin glow and look and healthy.”

Go For A Lightweight Base

When choosing your foundation formulation, Sharma recommends opting for a lightweight yet buildable foundation instead of a heavy coverage one. Pair it with a creamy concealer with good coverage. “Focus on achieving sheer coverage over full coverage. Less is more,” says Sharma. 

Choose Your Colours Wisely

According to the expert, it’s best to go with fresher tones of blush. She says, “Add pinks, peaches, and corals, to add freshness to the face.”

Direction Matters

“When applying your eyeshadow, make sure to blend it in an upwards direction towards your brow bone,” suggests Sharma. “Ensure the sides of your eyes are not drooping down, as it can age the face.” She advises using cream eyeshadows, as you can quickly blend it with your fingers. 

Spritz and Spray

If you’ve dry skin, make sure to spritz some setting spray between make-up layers. For example, base and spray, bronzer and spray, and then blush and spray. This keeps everything seamless.

Use A Bronzer To Contour

Apply a bronzer when contouring your face, instead of going in with harsh contour lines. Remember, bronzers are easy to wear and can be blended easily, so they double up as great contour products, too.

Keep The Powder Light

“Avoid powdering your face too much,” warns Sharma. Only light powder the areas that actually require it like your under eyes, around your mouth, and the t-zone if you have an oily complexion. “For dry skin, avoid powder entirely. It makes it look drier, creeps into creases, and takes away its freshness.”