An expert guide to finding the perfect spring-summer fragrance

From what to wear to tips on how to wear it, know it all!

Harper's Bazaar India

Technically, some parts of India don’t have a ‘spring’ season; there is a brief period when the weather transitions from being hot to scorching, and that's pretty much our version of spring-summer. But one thing’s for sure, when it comes to scents, the warmer months trigger the happy ghosts of summer past. These fragrances are summer holidays, tropical vacations, and breezy beach visits packed in a bottle. They transport you to happier times. Sonali Vengurlekar, training head–fragrances, Baccarose Perfumes, shares tips to find the perfect spring-summer scent and ways to wear it. 

Keep It Fresh, Fruity, & Light

“Your body temperature is high in hot climate. Therefore, using perfumes with lighter middle and base notes is advisable,” says Vengurlekar. According to her, fruity, fresh, and light floral scents are popular during the hot season because people associate it with a sense of happiness and lightness that complements the warm climate.

Remember, the hotter the temperature, the lighter your fragrance should be. “Just like wearing linens, chiffons, and cottons, summer fragrances are all about freshness.” She recommends ingredients like lavender, sage, and mint to calm and soothe the mind. For men, this would fall under the aromatic and fougere fragrance families. “As we inch towards androgynous fragrances, these scents usually are chosen by women, too. For women who prefer classic fragrances, soothing scents that resonate with the calm of nature are an ideal pick,” she adds.


Fragrances are classified as EDT, EDP, and cologne, according to their fragrance oil concentration. In summers, Vengurlekar recommends opting for EDTs as the have lower fragrance oil concentration and develop better in warm, humid climates than EDPs or parfums. “Colognes are lightest in concentration and great as a summer, daytime fragrance—it’s meant to be ‘splashed’ on.”

To layer or not to layer 

The general rule of thumb for layering your fragrances is to avoid mixing fragrances. But, according to Vengurlekar, it's just what the books say. “Experiment and pair two or three fragrances at the same time. For example, if your favourite intense leathery fragrance is too heady for a hot summer day, pair it with a fresh citrus scent. Wear your intense fragrance first, then top it off with the citrus favourite.”

Another way to layer is to use the fragrance family as part of your body care routine—use the same fragrance in your shower gel, body lotion, deodorant, aftershave (for men), and finally, the perfume. This will intensify the scent and linger on your skin for a longer period.