What summer florals will look like in 2024

From rosettes to abstract florals, you have plenty of options to pick from.

Harper's Bazaar India

From Kareena Kapoor Khan in a Luciferase Couture dress and rosette jacket set to Sonam Kapoor in a floral print Rajesh Pratap Singh number—celebrities have been embracing florals this season. And historically so. Summer wardrobes have always favoured flowers (almost like it’s a garden waiting to bloom) after a season of jackets and cardigans. 


While it’s easier for many to put all of it under one single category, a careful look at the many interpretations of this trend proves that the possibilities are endless. Beyond prints and appliqués, Valentino’s new technique, Altorilievo or High Relief, which involves patchwork, was artistically exhibited in their Spring 2024 collection featuring floral work, quilted in a way that leaves gaps—a perfect ode to both florals and naked dressing. 

Giambattista Valli

Loewe too, had an interesting take on the trend, with flowers cascading down the tops. On the other hand, Giambattista Valli went all out with roses riming off-shoulder necklines in true Y2K style. 

The Golden Globes 2024 witnessed celebrities show up in florals: Jennifer Lopez in Nicole + Felicia Couture featuring rosette sleeves, Emma Stone in a Louis Vuitton floral embroidered gown, and Cailee Spaeny in a Miu Miu retro floral print dress. And this is just the prequel—the dress code for the upcoming Met Gala is "The Garden of Time", inspired by JG Ballard’s 1962 short story, which sets the vibe for a blossoming summer. 

Prints: Large and abstract 


This season, expect to see two trends emerging as the strongest—abstract and large prints, with the possibility of these merging to create sartorial art. “This season, florals are taking a bold turn. Expect to see a fusion of oversized, abstract blooms with a touch of vintage charm. Get ready to explore vibrant colour palettes, blending rich jewel tones with soft pastels,” explains fashion designer Ridhi Mehra.

Elie Saab

You can also see this in Erdem’s Resort 2024 collection with off-shoulder, tea-length hemlines boasting of large water-colour style florals, exuding an elegant retro vibe. Elie Saab, too, exhibits a canvas of oversized abstract blooms in silhouettes such as flared midi-skirts, mini skirts, bralettes, and shirts. 

Truffle India

Truffle India’s floral inspirations are coming straight from Japan, as founders Suchita Heda and Sudarshan Heda revealed. “We were travelling to Japan last year during cherry blossom season. Kenzo Takada, Yuki Torii, and other Japanese designers who made the biggest splash at the Paris collections during the ‘70s inspired us. From hand-drawn poppies and oversized blooms to colourful abstract floral prints being a firm favourite—our new drops are all about blossoms.” 

Cin Cin

Opting for floral prints helps you create a versatile and vibrant colour palette, as you can play with colour intensity and textures. Vani Gupta, designer and founder, Cin Cin, draws inspiration from “traditional botanical art, tropical landscapes, and indigenous flora” while capturing the essence of colourful locales. Gupta believes it’s all about choosing the prints that work for your personality, “Florals now often serve as statements of personal expression, blending traditional elegance with contemporary flair. This transformation underscores a broader cultural shift towards mindful consumption and individualised aesthetics.”

Florals with a traditional twist

Saaksha & Kinni

Taking the trend of abstract florals one notch up, Saaksha & Kinni has gone ahead and blended these with a more traditional print. “We've reimagined florals with a modern twist, and one standout feature is our interpretation of the traditional ikat motif, where we've infused it with abstract floral elements, resulting in a striking and contemporary aesthetic,” describes Saaksha Bhatt of Saaksha & Kinni.

Archana Jaju

 You can expect the Indian fashion landscape to elevate creativity with culture. Fashion designer Archana Jaju has used hand-painting techniques with natural dyes, as seen in Kalamkari to add a touch of wholesomeness to her designs. Jaju explains, “I have focused on merging intricate motifs and vibrant colours with the traditional techniques of Kalamkari art. By choosing a rich colour palette that really captures the feel of flowers, jewel tones, and earthy hues, I have utilised traditional Kalamkari painting methods to create authentic floral patterns on natural fabrics like cotton or silk.” 

Appliqués and embroidery 

While prints offer effervescence to your look, appliqués and embroideries add a dose of richness to your outfits. “Flowers with embroidery have been around for centuries adding intricacy and elegance to pieces, elevating them to works of art. Modern embroidery techniques allow designers to get creative so they can put their own spin on floral motifs. From delicate embellishments on couture gowns to bold blooms on casual wear, the possibilities are endless,” expresses Jaju. 

Ridhi Mehra

Mehra recommends appliqués for infusing “a tactile dimension” to your look while embroidery can exhibit intricate craftsmanship. 

Carolina Herrera

You can see this in Carolina Herrera’s Resort 2024 collection as well, which is brimming with all kinds of florals. But their floral pieces with colourful bead and sequin embellishments, thread embroidery, and orchid appliqués steal the spotlight.


Kareena Kapoor Khan in Luciferase Couture

It was Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City who swore patronage to this floral element and donned it through all her relationship stages. You can also see Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham wearing a rosette choker and looking like an absolute queen. This Y2K trend is blowing this season with celebrities and designer collections across the globe including this detail in their outfit. Mehra believes “delicate rosettes will add a touch of romance” to our looks this season, and we are nothing but ready! 

Sonam Kapoor in Harith Hashim

Zendaya wore a custom Valentino pink gown featuring 190 silk roses to the SAG Awards. Sonam Kapoor donned a tailored Harith Hashim shirt with a rosette collar. From couture to casual, rosettes are emerging winners this season as the go-to floral rendition! 

There are examples galore for every way to add that touch of summery florals to your wardrobe, whether it is the big screen that inspires you or the runways, and if you are not one for the plucked rendition, you could even try the abstract splash of colours to blend into the summer mood (note: we are thinking channeling your spirit with the summer sun). 

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