The modern Indian bride and traditional craftsmanship become a muse for this new bridal jewellery collection

Tanishq recently launched the 'Rivaah Wedding Jewellery collection' in collaboration with veteran designer Tarun Tahiliani and we’re in awe.

Harper's Bazaar India

Who is the modern Indian bride? Well, we’re completely taken in by the vision of Tanishq’s latest collection, Rivaah and the story it tells of the modern Indian bride through its exquisite jewellery. The modern Indian bride is about her journey that has made her the person she is today. She seeks solace in her favourite corners of the city and could hardly imagine a home without her furry friend—all of which she carries with her as she embarks on a new, lifelong adventure with the love of her life. Whether it’s the city she grew up in, her go-to spot for inspiration, her romantic vacation, or the new penthouse that she will call home—she remains grounded in her choices, memories of the past and curiosities and dreams for the future. The modern Indian bride is as much about comfort as she is about style, and her wedding is a reflection of just that. 

Thus, the modern Indian bride with bold yet romantic sensibilities, became a muse for Tanishq’s latest collection, in collaboration with veteran designer Tarun Tahiliani.  Together, the two brands have launched the Rivaah Wedding Jewellery Collection that draws inspiration from the new age Indian woman along with India’s rich heritage of art, craft and design.

Known for his perfect blend of contemporary designs and Indian sensibilities, Tahiliani has always paid homage to Indian culture through his work, straddling the present while rooted in traditional Indian artistry. So, the 'Rivaah Wedding Jewellery Collection' has been inspired by four timeless fabrics that Tahiliani has always integrated in his work: Chikankaari, Kashida, Zardosi and diamond.  

Touted to be one of the finest jewellery brands of our times, the 'Rivaah' collection is the perfect reflection of Tanishq’s craftsmanship. From the Nawabi craft of Chikankaari, which is translated into pieces of jewellery in the form of rice pearl jewellery, layered necklaces, and unique motifs to the stunning Kashida thread work that is seen in the floral motifs, vibrantly toned and carved gemstones and hand-painted enamel jewellery—the collection has something for everyone. The rich and intricate Zardosi work has been reimagined in the form of gold jewellery with Persian motifs, uncut polkis and coloured stones, which is all things delicate, regal and opulent. For brides looking to add a touch of modern glam to their Indian ensemble, the diamond collection with sleek chokers, pendants and earrings are the perfect touch of sparkle you need. 

With over forty designs included in the collection, spanning across the various categories and impeccable attention to detail, the Rivaah Wedding Jewellery collection is for both, the brides who wish to remain rooted in traditional motifs and sensibilities and also for those who want to experiment with ivory tones and a contemporary aesthetic on their big day. 

The 'Rivaah Wedding Jewellery Collection' has been crafted keeping in mind the shenanigans of both the big fat Indian with its various ceremonies such as the mehendi, haldi and cocktail party, as well as a quiet and intimate wedding in the presence of the loved ones. The collection offers a host of options to choose and would be ideal for any of these occasions. This collaboration between Tanishq and Tarun Tahiliani paves the way for a one-of-a-kind collection for the modern Indian bride. 

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