The hottest moments from the New York Fashion Week 2024

We shine the spotlight on designers that set the tone for the upcoming fashion season.

Harper's Bazaar India

With designers pushing boundaries, celebrities making front-row appearances, and industry insiders setting the tone for the fashion season ahead, the New York Fashion Week, that began yesterday, transformed the bustling streets of Manhattan into a vibrant runway of style and innovation, and we are here for it!

Here are the season's standout highlights and a closer look at the trends defining New York Fashion Week 2024!

Day 1



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Libertine's triumphant return to the runway was a celebration of prints. Featuring an array of patterns and playful feathery accents, the collection invites you to boldly mix and match with confidence. It's a showcase that dares you to make a statement and embrace your individuality with flair.

Helmut Lang


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Helmut Lang's show was a bold exploration of unconventional materials and avant-garde designs. Bubble wrap transformed into luxurious silk garments, while oversized wool coats and quilted jackets reinforced themes of protection and projection. Inspired by space suits, the collection's bright orange palette added a futuristic touch, inviting viewers on a journey of creativity and self-expression.

Prabal Gurung


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Not to be outdone, Prabal Gurung stunned us with a gorgeous display of bold colours and luxurious textures. From heavy outerwear like sherpa bombers and luxurious fur coats, to delicate organza-draped gowns, Gurung seamlessly blended elements of strength and femininity. His collection exuded clean sophistication while reflecting his signature upbeat spirit. And when it comes to Gurung's luxurious fur coats, not enough can be said about their impact on the runway.

Truly, the mob wife aesthetic is here to stay, and Prabal Gurung just made sure of that.

Day 2

Just as exciting as day one, day two of New York Fashion Week brought about an array of innovative designs and stunning runway presentations. From sleek minimalism to bold avant-garde creations, each designer showcased their unique vision, captivating audiences and setting the tone for the season ahead.



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This collection captured the essence of youthful nostalgia, with models making a memorable entrance from a branded school bus, setting the tone for a show filled with playful charm. Knitted fringe tracksuits and metallic knit dresses showcased a mix of textures and colours, while the abundance of fur added a luxurious touch that defined the season's trends. Closing the show with feather-embellished trousers, LaPointe delivered a lesson in making a bold impression and we were all taking notes.



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In contrast, Khaite's collection exuded a bold and fearless attitude, with power shoulders and oversized leather bombers setting the stage for a high-fashion exploration. Precision-tailored blazers and covetable leather pieces made striking statements, while the introduction of silk gazar brought a touch of romance to peasant blouses and ruched silk dresses. Accessories, including brass-accented clutches and versatile totes, completed the look, showcasing Khaite's mastery of modern sophistication.

Day 3

Third time's a charm and New York Fashion Week has once again exemplified this adage with a stunning array of jaw-dropping ensembles gracing the runways. From the exquisite designs of Jason Wu and Ulla Johnson to the star-studded front rows, Day 3 was a testament to the magnetism of the fashion world.

Jason Wu 


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Jason Wu's enduring legacy spans over 15 years, notably dressing icons like Michelle Obama. In his latest showcase for Fall/Winter 2024, Wu, much like Johnson, unveils an evolution in his style, blending raw-edged textures with traditional femininity. The runway, akin to Marc Jacobs' dramatic flair, sets the stage for an emotional journey. Evening gowns, regal yet casually inspired, feature thick wools with tattered hems, embodying Wu's atelier fever dream. Wu draws influence from 20th-century British illustrator Arthur Rackham, infusing whimsical abstractions into his pieces. 

Despite departing from his usual "pretty" aesthetic, Wu's collection remains picturesque, exemplified by the showstopper- the molten gold peplum gown.

Ulla Johnson


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Ulla Johnson's Fall 2024/2025 collection marked a significant evolution and we are yet to recover. Transitioning from her signature print-heavy Boho aesthetic, Johnson streamlined knitwear and men's tailoring, showcasing fearless use of colour and unexpected trims. 

While maintaining her fanciful printed frocks, the collection introduced monochromatic and colour-blocked styles, emphasising texture over pattern. Signature retro colours found their place against warm copper backdrops, complemented by sensual leather pieces, and new accessory offerings like the Twyla bag. 

Who needs a crystal ball when you have Ulla Johnson's pinstripes and natty leathers predicting the future of fashion?

Day 4

Just when we thought that the excitement of the fashion week had peaked, day four completely surpassed our expectations. With each runway show and presentation we were treated to a plethora of stunning trends and cultural references that left us eagerly anticipating what was to come next.



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Coach, in a sartorial symphony of black, pink, and lilac taffeta, reimagined the very essence of eveningwear. With a masterful snip and deft, they transformed dresses into daring tops, while the skirts found new life in other ensembles. Clearly, we’re not over bows just yet, and I’m not complaining because the garments were adorned with beautiful spangled bows that danced with the light. Echoes of '80s East Village cocktail chic, complete with tuxes and chunky biker boots, mingled with '90s nostalgia, capturing Vevers' formative years in New York. Yet, amid the retrospective nods, there was a distinct shift towards inclusivity—a nod to the evolving ethos of Coach.

Pamella Roland

Like a symphony of colours echoing the vibrant Moroccan marketplaces, the Pamella Roland's Spring/Summer 2024 weaves together luxurious fabrics and embroideries, capturing the essence of cultural richness. Standout pieces, such as the mirrored tile cut plexi-glass gown and the gravity-defying silk ballgown, transcend mere attire, embodying empowerment and appeal.

Day 5

Saving the best for last, day five epitomised chicness in every way. It was clear that New York Fashion Week wasn't ready to come to an end, leaving us with plenty to dissect and discuss.

Micheal Kors


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With an aura of sophistication, tailored silhouettes and refined detailing stole the spotlight at the Michael Kors show. The collection paid homage to the power-dressing aesthetic of the '90s, showcasing impeccably tailored coats in menswear fabrics and seductive hourglass blazers that commanded attention. Cashmere ensembles draped in effortless elegance, while crisp white shirts and sleek tanks added a touch of modernity to classic silhouettes.

The runway buzzed with a sense of confident femininity, akin to that of a 'mob wife', as models confidently strutted in slouchy trousers and pointy black pumps. Oversized work bags and chic eyewear completed the ensemble, striking a perfect balance between functionality and style.

Amid the structured tailoring, the collection embraced playful elements like extravagant faux fur, sumptuous shearlings, and delicate lace slips, injecting a touch of soft feminine energy into the sophisticated lineup.



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Wiederhoeft's latest collection defied convention and seamlessly blended fantasy and streetwear with its edgy loungewear and divine dresses.

Loungewear was elevated to new heights of extravagance with hooded sweatshirts adorned with tinsel borders and ribbon finishes. Ultra-soft yet impeccably tailored sweatpants exuded effortless chic, proving that comfort and style need not be mutually exclusive.

But make no mistake, this loungewear was anything but ordinary. Each piece was imbued with Wiederhoeft's signature flair, featuring elaborate detailing and intricate construction that elevated loungewear to couture status.

Handcrafted elements abounded, with intricate beading, crystals, sequins, and pearls adorning corsets and trompe l'oeil designs. Standout red carpet and bridal looks stole the spotlight, including the dancing bride and groom in ruffled tulle pom-pom.

Day 6

As the curtains closed on the final day of New York Fashion Week, Thom Browne unveiled a show that transcended the ordinary confines of a runway. Against a backdrop of swirling fake snow and stark, bare trees, Browne's designs emerged like apparitions, blurring the lines between fashion and art.

Carrie Coon's haunting narration of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven set the stage as models glided across the wintry landscape, adorned in garments that spoke volumes of Browne's creative vision. From the imposing black headpiece of a perched raven in the first look to the final ensemble adorned with the word "Nevermore", each piece bore the unmistakable stamp of Browne's storytelling.

Coats and jackets took center stage, boasting silhouettes ranging from long and sleek to boxy and deconstructed. Browne's penchant for layering was evident in tailoring that showcased the designer's mastery of his craft. Solids, checks, and prints intermingled seamlessly, captivating the audience's imagination.

As the show concluded, Browne surprised the audience with a romantic gesture, presenting a giant heart-shaped box of chocolates to his longtime partner, Andrew Bolton. It was a fitting end to a collection that transcended mere fashion, leaving a lasting impression on the runway and in the hearts of all who witnessed it.


As the final model took her bow and the applause echoed through the venue, it was clear that Thom Browne had crafted something truly extraordinary.

But it wasn't just the conclusion of Browne's showcase—it was also a fitting end to New York Fashion Week itself. With its blend of storytelling, tailoring, and avant-garde style, Browne's collection showcased the spirit of the entire week: creativity, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of beauty.

As the lights dimmed and guests began to depart, there was a sense of satisfaction in the air. New York Fashion Week had come to a close, but its impact would be felt long after the last model had left the runway. And as the fashion world turned its attention to the next chapter, there was no doubt that the memories created during this week would linger, inspiring all who had been fortunate enough to experience them.