Paris Haute Couture Week: Highlights from the opening day of the mega fashion event

Daring looks, Haute Couture Week debuts, and more.

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Paris Couture Week brings with it fresh looks that redefine fashionthe crème de la crème of the film and fashion world make a statement through their style. On day one of Paris Couture Week we saw bold and innovative looks on the runway. From sheer fabrics and cut-outs to props and accessories that were questionable, iconic, and definitely a head-turner, it’s safe to say that the mega fashion event is on and in full swing. Read on below to find out which looks stood out more than the rest. 

Kylie Jenner attended the Schiaparelli show with a lion's head


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Jenner arrived at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show in a strapless, body-hugging, velvet gown with the designer’s iconic golden-toe pumps. What was most intriguing was the lion’s head that was attached to the dress, creating quite the rage all over the Internet. While the prop was handmade with materials such as foam, wool, and silk faux fur, and was in fact intended to be a celebration of the natural world, many seemed to be displeased with the representation of wild animals. Many took to social media to express their disappointment with the collection and her look. 

Doja Cat was studded in Swarovski crystals 


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...30,000 of them. Pop singer, Doja Cat arrived on the opening day in a red, strapless bodice, paired with a skirt that was embellished in thick, red beads. Her red boots and a scarf that she carried across her arms, almost completed the look. Here comes the fun part: Doja Cat’s make-up took nearly five hours to complete because she was being covered with more than 30,000 crimson Swarovski crystals. 

Anya Taylor Joy unveiled Dior’s Spring-Summer 23’ collection 


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Looking stunning and classic as ever, actor Anya Taylor Joy, who also happens to be the Dior Global ambassador, showed up at Paris Haute Couture Week in a Dior outfit—from head to toe. She wore a black and white, low-neck blouse with a white jacket, a calf-length pleated black skirt paired with black boots. 

Rahul Mishra showcased his collection at Paris Haute Couture week for the first time ever! 

Indian designer, Rahul Mishra was the second ever designer to be invited to showcase his collection at the Haute Couture Week. Known as ‘Cosmos’, his collection emphasised on the classic gold colour and evoked grandeur and elegance. “This season, our ‘Cosmos’ expands from landscape into the beyond—the sunken city of Atlantis, gleaming in gold over a vivid coral reef as streams of salt water flow above the atmosphere curtailing celestial bodies, planets and planetoids,” the label wrote.