How Gen Z is purchasing diamonds and making this gemstone their own modern heirloom

Timeless, rare and infinitely beautiful—there is a reason why natural diamonds have been coveted over the ages.

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One of the most popular gemstones, there is a certain sentimental value attached to natural diamonds, making them worthy of being passed down as heirloom jewellery. Gracefully adorned as a striking necklace, a statement ring, bracelets or gorgeous earrings, natural diamonds have, and will continue to hold pride of place in one’s bespoke jewellery collection. Not to forget, with their inimitable sparkle and shine, they are also preferred as a gift for loved ones, showcasing one of the special ways in which we celebrate our intimate bonds. 

So, when it comes to the younger generation, how is Gen Z embracing something timeless like natural diamonds in a modern, trendy manner? We spoke to several young individuals to get their thoughts on purchasing natural diamond jewellery and partaking in conscious luxury in their own way. 

Swapnil Pande, founder of believes that natural diamonds make for a long-lasting, covetable purchase. “Depending on the quality of the diamond, it can increase in value over time.” And that’s one of the reasons that makes these precious stones so timeless. 

Bold and beautiful

There’s a reason why diamonds have been such a mainstay with iconic personalities, right from Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to younger celebrities such as Lily James or Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Tianna Khambatta, founder-owner of FringeByTii, relives some of her earliest memories of wearing natural diamonds. “I was four years old and it was my Navjote—a memorable day in the life of a Parsi child. My family gifted me my first few pieces of diamond jewellery—some new and some heirlooms passed down over the years—which is why I treasure these pieces so much more. They are timeless and unique. It is also my birthstone, so the significance is even more special for me.”

There might be many differences between Gen Z, millennials and the older generations. However, the sentiment of choosing natural diamonds is something that unites them. To see the younger generation not only purchase diamonds but embrace them in modern, innovative ways coupled with the fact that they aren’t afraid to style their natural diamonds in an edgy manner to meld with their personal style, is quite telling.

This generation also believes in wearing their bespoke natural diamond pieces, rather than keeping them in lockers. So, more often than not, they are incorporating these jewels in unique ways with their everyday outfits—be it traditional or contemporary. 

Sustainable choices

Given that for Gen Z, sustainability is an important factor when it comes to consumer purchases, natural diamonds have proven to be ideal symbols of conscious luxury. In fact, the modern diamond industry is making great efforts to ensure the provenance and ethical sourcing of natural diamonds, working closely with local governments and indigenous populations to conserve and protect fragile ecosystems, generate employment opportunities and develop communities. This makes every natural diamond a sustainable purchase. 

With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, and a plethora of jewellery designs, how willing is the new generation to experiment with these sparklers? It seems many of them do prefer classic designs yet know how to give their natural diamonds a modern spin in styling them. Here's what Pande had to say about customising diamonds, "I’d prefer diamonds to look simple yet classy. I would love to have something with a radiant cut, as the focus is to maintain its originality." 

Even Khambatta swears by clean surfaces and clarity. She says, "It's a dream to someday expand and create jewellery to go with the clothes I design." She adds that she would love to purchase a piece of natural diamond jewelley for her mom. “When I was seven, I went to a crystal store and got her an artificial diamond and told her that one day I'd buy her a real one. Hopefully, that day comes soon." Others echo similar sentiments as well. 

Natural diamonds have such an enduring legacy, not just as special gemstones but also something to be truly cherished as a gift. It’s why the younger generation is wearing natural diamonds as modern heirlooms, reimagining traditional diamond jewellery and adorning these pieces in different avatars. Be it someone whose fashion sense is edgy or simply chic, natural diamonds are timeless when it comes to style choices and Gen Z is only proving this adage right.

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Lead image credit: Natural Diamond Council