#EcoLiving: Hemp is everywhere, and it could be in your next wardrobe buy with these homegrown labels

An Indian hemp revolution is picking speed, and these fashion brands are at the forefront.

Harper's Bazaar India

It’s sustainable, it’s functional, it’s durable—what’s there to not love about hemp? Today, it’s everywhere, from textiles, shoes, food, paper, rope, even biofuel, and bioplastics. And with fashion brands also making it super chic, we are wondering why everyone hasn’t hopped onto the bandwagon yet.

Here are our top picks for fashion labels that are must haves in the Indian hemp revolution.

Slow Jeans by Canvaloop

We’ve all heard of how detrimental a single pair of jeans is to the environment—3,600 litres of water wasted per pair. But a world without our favourite pair (in fact pairs) of jeans seems next to impossible, doesn’t it? Slow Jeans by Canvaloop provides a solution. Started by Shreyans Kokra with the aim to promote slow, sustainable fashion, Slow Jeans are the world’s first pair of jeans made from Himalayan hemp. And it has anti-microbial properties to boot!


A hemp, bamboo, and nettle fashion and homeware brand, Aslee brings chic athleisure wear that is made by indigenous Himalayan communities, with locally sourced material, keeping ecological conservation at the heart. And if you’re into adding bits of quirk to your outfits, check out their no-smell socks!


When effortless style meets extreme comfort, the brand says of their fashion, and we cannot agree more. Hemis’ fashion line responsibly sourced, earth-friendly, completely organic, and sleek to the sleeve! This one is making slow-living a dream for all the ecologically conscious fashionistas come true. And have we mentioned how much we love their tie-and-dye range?


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B Label

If you’re looking for future and fashion-forward additions to your closet, look no further. Started in 2015, BOHECO was the first consumer-facing venture that bought the classic white shirt in hemp—still one of their bestsellers, and their catalogue has grown manifolds since. With an aim to create a source-to-consumer ecosystem that is responsible, transparent, and ethical with minimal social and environmental impact, and its sharp cut silhouettes, this one’s a sure sell.


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Hemp Republic

And if you are one for the tailored fits and really creating your own fashion, you might want to try Hemp Republic one instead. This brand from Telangana manufactures hemp fabrics, yarn, paper, and more. And while they do have their own apparel line, the possibility with fabric is what we cannot get enough of.


Lead image: B Label / Instagram