Designer Arpita Mehta on her new collection that will make you want to vacation with your girls

Holiday fashion at its best.

Harper's Bazaar India

Fresh off the Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI runway, Arpita Mehta’s summer collection will make you want to gather your girlfriends and execute the Goa trip you have been putting off since college. In fact, that is the vibe Mehta, in association with Dyson, went for while presenting this holiday collection with Shanaya Kapoor as her showstopper. 

In conversation with Bazaar India, Mehta talks about her new collection and more. 

Harper’s Bazaar: Tell us about your new collection. What is the inspiration behind the outfits and which ones are your favourite?  

Arpita Mehta: This line is dedicated to the feeling of going on a summer vacation with your girlfriends. You want to be dressed in easy-breezy, effortless, yet chic outfits and that’s exactly the vibe of this collection. From bralettes and fitted tulip skirts, to corsets (which are a big trend this season), you will want to plan a trip after going through this line. Even the colour palette goes from pastels to solid and bold colours. Think colours ranging from cream, dust pink, and sage green, to juicy yellow and papaya mango. The best part about these outfits is that you can wear them wherever you are vacationing and they easily transition from day to night. 

HB: Take us through your creative process. How did you go about putting this collection together? 

AM: Every time I work on a new collection I ask myself who my target audience is and what the purpose of the line will be. For this one, I felt that after the pandemic everyone’s view towards life has changed. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves while still maintaining the YOLO feel. So, the idea was to create something that doesn’t require too much prep. And this fits the brand ethos of Dyson as well; their styling products help you achieve a chic look effortlessly. Together, we created a line that brings out each wearer's individuality. 

HB: When it comes to presenting your collection, what goes behind deciding hair and make-up? 

AM: It’s a group effort. Of course, I do have a vision of how I want the hair, make-up, and accessories to look, but I always take inputs from on board hair stylists and make-up artists. They are the experts, after all. For this season, we combined Adhuna Bhabani's and my ideas to create the runway presentation. 

HB: How do you ensure your outfits are sustainable? 

AM: When it comes to fabrics, working hours, etc. we try to minimise waste. I believe in trying to create quality garments over large quantities. Our range features multi-utility outfits, which can be worn multiple times. 

HB: How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved over the years?  

AM: My personal style has evolved a lot—from wearing all neon-printed outfits to all whites, there has been a drastic change. I think these changes come with age and are largely determined by the phase or mood you’re in. Now, I like wearing outfits that are comfortable, form-fitting and that enhance my body type. I don’t want to stand out and make a statement. I need to feel comfortable and confident in what I am wearing. 

HB: What are some of the emerging trends you’ve spotted this season? And how can one incorporate them into their everyday outfits?  

AM: I am so happy that pop colours have made a big comeback. It’s all about the oranges and yellows and greens. So, that’s a big one. Another trend that I feel is here for the long haul is corsets. The reason is simple—they are versatile.  

HB: What are some cardinal rules when it comes to styling an outfit? 

AM: My three styling rules would be: to not over style, minimal over maximal, and to always have a back-up plan. I also believe that when you’re looking for an outfit, do not go by the current trends because they may not look the same on everyone. You have to pay attention to what enhances your body and what you feel comfortable in.  

HB: Let's talk beauty. What is your haircare routine?    

AM: I have tricky hair and dealing with it is trickier, but I always use the right tools. I am loyal to Dyson. It is a heat protectant tool that prevents hair damage and is extremely easy to use. I don’t think I’ve used any other hair tools since its launch. I believe preventing damage is a big part of hair care. Additionally, I try to do hair spas once in three weeks and sometimes use home remedies. For instance, when I had a lot of hair fall, I used to rub lemon on my hair and it was extremely effective.  

HB: Lastly, what is the takeaway you want people to take from your outfits? How do you want them to feel while wearing your clothes?  

AM: For this season, I want people to see my outfits and be inspired to plan a vacation. I want them to think ‘I am going to take that outfit and go on holiday, immediately’.