Rosso Ancora, the 'It' colour Alia Bhatt, Hailey Bieber, and Dua Lipa love this season

The autumn/winter fashion survey demands a new host of principles that go beyond classic ivory staples and the timeless khaki trench.

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Remember spring 2015, when Kim Kardashian was spotted in a skin-tight Marsala dress with her baby bump on full display? It’s funny how Marsala, the ruling colour of the year 2015, saw itself translated into one of the worst fashion trends of all. To think of how fringed bags and leather pants were once closet staples for most and perhaps could be a fashion ick for many now, the persistence of these quick trends inordinately rests on the cycle of fashion. This year’s Pantone fetish lies heavily fixated on the Machiavellian Gucci Rosso.

While the once-crowned Viva Magenta may have lost its Pantone prophecy, the reign continues with a splash of wine-coloured alternates introduced by Sabato De Sarno for his debut collection at Gucci this September. We’ve always known that a designer-muse relationship has often led to great collections, but in today’s time, it’s no surprise that the creative heads of luxury fashion houses have a deep appreciation for colours, which often turn into their signature. To list a few, Daniel Lee’s Parakeet green, more commonly known as Bottega-green, has now become synonymous with the brand’s identity and developed into a major tool of communication, whereas Pierpaolo’s Valentino pink urges a radical gesture, stripping down collections to a single hue. For more context, have a look at Thom Browne’s iconic pieces and the play of quotidian grey in his recent collections.

That said, we spotted the new 'It' colour of the season splayed across billboards and also in fashion weeks, with brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, Hermès, and Bottega Veneta giving in to this daring colour of passion. Not exactly burgundy, but just a few shades darker than merlot, this deep cherry-red hue is synonymous with wealth, status, and power. The only question lies: will this long-lost relative from the Marsala gene lose its gravity and turn into the next fashion fad? Let’s find out.

Image: Instagram/Dua Lipa

If you thought you were done with the once-popular red hair trend, it’s time you visited Dua Lipa’s Instagram for a fresh dose of inspiration. A newfangled take on ginger-red, our favourite hair colour of the season, comes washed in a deep shade of burgundy. The Albanian singer, who’s been on our fashion radar for a hot minute now, is down on serving some effortlessly risqué looks put together by her stylist du jour, Lorenzo Posocco.

Image: Instagram/Lorenzo Posocco

You can find the pop singer’s wardrobe replete with accessories to match her new hair colour. Think fine leather ties to suit it up casually or an all-black outfit paired with the iconic Jackie in Gucci Rosso.

​ Image: Instagram/The Attico

At another event, Lipa was seen wearing patent leather pants in signature red from Attico, and she styled it further by opting for a beaded tank top in white and a long grey trench coat. Our advice? Well, if you can’t have Posocco as your personal stylist, use Dua’s Instagram for a burst of ideas.

Image: Instagram/Ayesha Kanga

Closer to home, we have Ayesha Kanga, the young starlet who is not afraid to make a statement through her bold fashion choices and her eccentric taste. Typically, Kanga’s wardrobe and her feed are full of bright-coloured tops and statement accessories. But lately, she has been treading the monotone route with just a little dash of sparkle. For an event in Mumbai, Kanga opted for an all-black look, where the hero ingredient was her Louis Vuitton Orsay bag in a powerful shade of red. We think this might be the Gen-Z way of flaunting the coolest bag of the season.

Image: Instagram/Hailey Bieber
Image: Instagram/Alia Bhatt

If you don’t want to stress yourself out with the styling, keep it simple, like Hailey Bieber and Alia Bhatt. The two mega stars chose to throw the fuss out of their way and opted for a simple, chic dress to save their day.