A day of fashion, style, and all things Dior with Sobhita Dhulipala

The style icon gives an exclusive first-person account of her experience at the newly-opened Dior boutique in New Delhi.

Harper's Bazaar India

It took a cup of very strong coffee and some Carnatic music by Thyagaraja Aradhana to get me in the right headspace on the Dior store launch day, despite a few sleepless nights before. 

This wasn’t the first time I’d slipped into a Dior outfit. The brand’s aesthetics naturally align with the silhouettes I like and that work for me. All the pieces in Dior’s new collection are great—I tried a few for the store launch and it was more about ‘what do we do today?’ and not ‘what’s going to work for me or on me?’ Getting ready for the day was a whole lot of fun. After my hair and make-up—a sleek braided bun and winged eyeliner—we thought we should pick one of the other dresses that I had tried on, and that’s what we did. We narrowed down on the black midi dress. I usually like to discover and watch my make-up and hair. and the outfit come together in the moment. 

I was excited but more than that I was curious to meet the people who would drop by the store. I’ve known and appreciated their brand ethos and language for a long time, and it lived up to its name. We were greeted with massive flower bouquets; aesthetic invites; desserts—rasmalai, macaroon and whatnot; biryani' and tikkas. No prizes for guessing that I attacked all of it. 

I have a certain respect for Dior and what they stand for. The association with the brand is all the driving force I need. It’s more of a gratitude thing than a confidence thing. You feel happy when you appreciate what you have. I have always had goals and thought of doing and achieving many things, but on some days when I reflect, I realise how many things have gone right, and how I need to be grateful for all that. It's a good life. I am at the Dior flagship in New Delhi. I mean, this is mad! It's quite a ride and I can't not be happy for it.

My special bond with Dior started at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, where I was nominated in the Critics' Choice Best Supporting Actor for my debut film Raman Raghav 2.0. I had attended the premiere of Julieta dressed in Dior from head to toe and my make-up was done in the Dior make-up chamber. It was mad and so special and it continues to be.