10 co-ord sets that will help you channel your main character energy 

Co-ord sets and matching separates are having a major moment this year.

Harper's Bazaar India

Sometimes, you know exactly which clothing combo in your wardrobe suits you the best and elevates your look—of course, this perfection has come at the cost of a few trial and errors and looks that did not serve—but, sometimes you stand there, staring at your wardrobe, with zero inspiration. Enter co-ord sets. Hassle-free, time-saving and brings out the best in you, with styles and patterns that range from being work-appropriate to being well-suited for dinner parties. 

Co-ord sets and matching separates are having a major moment this year and the trend will continue to reign supreme. There’s nothing easier than putting some separates together and heading out for the day. It is effortlessly cute and eliminates the trouble of finding “something to wear”

Here are some co-ord sets we think should find a place in your wardrobe and tips on how to wear them. 

Khara Khapas 

The biggest advantage of co-ord sets is that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. While shorts may be daring to wear to work, you certainly can never go wrong with a classic sky blue colour. Keeping it chic and put-together, this look can be completed with brown or black loafers, block heels or ballet flats. 

Summer Somewhere

It’s tempting to go for this ultra chic dress for a beach or yacht day! You can pair it with a neutral or pop-coloured bra for a little extra oomph.

The Spacelines 

If solid colors aren’t your thing, there’s a huge selection of prints to pick from. Stripes, tie-dye, camo, geometric designs in various silhouettes and colour exist! Elevate with minimal accessories, and pair it with neutral flats in shades of brown, yellow, white or pink. 

Boho Dreams

If you're a woman who lives a free-spirited life filled with love and freedom, you've come to the right place. You can choose from a curated range of effortlessly chic dresses, coord sets, shirts, and accessories that'll see you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Naushad Ali

Who said your co-ord set cannot feature mesh. Slip into this pink set, put on your slippers or sneakers, and set out for an outing with your friends. 

Joskai Studio

Thinking what to pick as your guest outfit for the upcoming wedding and festive season? Why not try a ultra chic skirt co-ord instead? 


With athleisure becoming a staple in every wardrobe, why not add a bit more style to it? These breathable lightweight materials are the best way to be comfortable yet trendsetter. 

Style Mati 

Switch from a quick work meeting to a happy cocktail hour session in no time, with this Kaftan shirt that features hand applique and thread embroidery. Dress it up with diamond danglers and stilettos! 


This rose silk co-ord set can be worn at home on a cosy afternoon. The look is a great base to pair with neutral heels and a black blazer for a fun night out. 

Pallavi Swadi 

This pin-stripped yellow and white shorts and shirt combo is a classic—while it’s in the familiar neutral to light tone, it will add a flair to your style.