5 brands to watch out for at Paris Fashion Week

Here's what you need to know about these emerging talents.

Harper's Bazaar India

As Paris Fashion Week approaches, we are all eagerly anticipating the new collections from a multitude of esteemed brands. While names like Rick Owens and Miu Miu often steal the spotlight, there are a few other labels poised to make an impact on the runway this season. 


Helmed by Kiminite Kimhekim, this label gracefully marries Korean heritage with contemporary elegance. Each collection tells a unique story of individuality and curiosity, inviting wearers to embrace their innate desire for attention. The collection uses delicate fabrics like organza to blur the boundaries between tradition and modernity, creating pieces that resonate with a global audience. Despite being based in Paris, Kimhekim's influence extends far beyond the city through collaborations with artisans worldwide that emphasise craftsmanship and beauty.



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Another standout label, Courrèges, experienced a remarkable revival in 2023, under the direction of Di Felice. Breathing new life into a brand synonymous with the 1960s required careful navigation, but Di Felice's deep understanding of Courrèges' ethos propelled the label to newfound heights. Rather than simply replicating past designs, Di Felice channelled André Courrèges' pioneering spirit, creating contemporary yet authentic garments rooted in innovation. By embracing soft, functional fabrics and genderless silhouettes, Courrèges reflects the modern wearer's desire for modularity and wearability.


Situationist, founded by Irakli Rusadze, has emerged as a beacon of Eastern European creativity and allure. Inspired by the resilience of Georgian women and the post-Soviet reality they navigate, Rusadze's designs exude inner strength and empowerment. The brand gained widespread recognition when style icon Bella Hadid repeatedly donned a Situationist leather coat, catapulting it into the fashion elite. Rusadze's vision transcends borders, with Situationist showcasing its collections on international stages like Milan, Shanghai, and now Paris.



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Gauchere, led by Marie-Christine Statz, embodies understated elegance and precision tailoring. The brand focuses on empowering individuals to fashionably express their uniqueness through collections inspired by the everyday Parisian and the energy of city streets. Their latest collection seamlessly integrates minimalism with authenticity, featuring abstract prints from photos taken on the streets of Paris. Statz's designs resonate with a quiet confidence, offering refined yet sculptural pieces that evoke intimacy and sophistication.

The Row 


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The Row has become the brand of choice for today's "it girls," redefining contemporary chic with its iconic purses and outerwear. Maintaining an aura of exclusivity and secrecy, The Row epitomises quiet luxury and sophistication. With a recent surge in popularity among fashion influencers and trendsetters, the brand continues to solidify its position as a cultural touchstone, and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for Paris Fashion Week. 

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