5 brands that redefined runway trends at the London Fashion Week

All the looks we are swooning over from London Fashion Week 2024.

Harper's Bazaar India

London Fashion Week 2024 showcased an array of stunning collections from top designers, each making a mark on the runway with their unique perspectives and trendsetting styles. Here are the five standout brands that redefined runway trends and set the tone for the season ahead. From nostalgic nods to contemporary reinterpretations, these brands encapsulate the diversity and creativity that London Fashion Week is renowned for.

JW Anderson


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JW Anderson's latest collection took fashion enthusiasts on a playful journey through generational touchpoints, evoking nostalgia with a nod to the iconic 'Grannies' episode from the Australian kids' TV show, Bluey. Adding a twist of whimsy, Anderson reimagined elements from past eras such as the 1970s Marks and Spencer pointelle matching vests and knickers and Mrs. Merton-style curly grey wigs.

Simone Rocha


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Simone Rocha's runway spectacle was a blend of historical references and feminine exploration. Drawing inspiration from Queen Victoria's mourning dress, Rocha's collection, titled The Wake, showcased craftsmanship and thematic depth. She merged delicate, crystal-adorned sheer dresses with faux fur accents and corsetry details, creating a hauntingly beautiful collection.



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Erdem's latest collection artfully navigated the life of Maria Callas, juxtaposing classical inspiration with contemporary relevance. Set against the backdrop of the Parthenon galleries of the British Museum, Erdem paid homage to Callas' iconic 1953 performance of 'Medea'. Models donned Cleopatra-like eye make-up and extravagant silk pyjamas, capturing the tension between glamour and vulnerability, while the critique of casting underscored the industry's ongoing conversation about inclusivity.


Burberry's Fall 2024 collection, under the creative direction of Daniel Lee, exuded a classic English style with subtle quirky details. Set to an Amy Winehouse-led soundtrack, the collection featured utilitarian outerwear paired with unexpected accessories like oversized umbrellas and XL duffels. Scarves worn as hoods hinted at a revival of Burberry's expressive outerwear, while Naomi Campbell's glittering dress added a touch of glamour to the earthy, neutral palette.

Conner Ives


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Conner Ives showcased elegance and sustainability with a collection inspired by the Swans of 1970s New York high society, while Paolo Carzana impressed viewers with whimsical yet intricate designs, emphasising strength and individuality on the runway. Each designer brought their unique perspective to London Fashion Week, contributing to the diversity and creativity of the fashion landscape.

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