What is ‘petite romance’ and why we need it to be more than just a trend

Petite gestures make for grand improvements in relationships!

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Sometimes, in a relationship, we unintentionally end up putting a lot of pressure on our partners. We build iron boxes of our expectations and place them in there, and hold them up to quixotic standards. Sometimes, movies and social media show an exaggerated side of love, making people set extremely high benchmarks of what cuts as romantic gestures. These end up leaving you disappointed instead of grateful when your partner does something special for you.

Recently, ‘petite romance’ has been trending on social media, offering a new perspective on relationships in which you do little gestures of love for your partner. It’s about understanding the value of the small acts of love in long-term relationships. Petite romance can involve making a cup of coffee for your partner when they are having a sleepy day, leaving a note for them on the fridge, preparing a bath for them after they have had a long day or taking them out to celebrate their big or small wins! 

Petite romance is not superficial; it focuses on the more important aspects of a relationship, without putting pressure of the grand gestures. 

Here’s why it shouldn’t be just a fad and let it unlock a new side of our relationships. 

You don’t wait for something big to do something nice 

If your partner feels that the only way to make you happy is through something grand, they will keep waiting on it. The pressure to perform and meet a certain standard will make them anxious and demotivated to do the sweet, little things for you. By embracing petite romance as a couple, you tell each other that all their efforts are appreciated. 

It makes you feel more secure 

Petite romance also helps to create a sense of emotional security within the relationship. When your partner knows that you are there for them, even in small ways, they will feel more secure and confident in the relationship. This can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and insecurity, which can often lead to relationship problems.

Keeps the romance alive 

Doing little things for each other can help keep the romance alive in a relationship. While grand gestures like surprise trips or expensive gifts can certainly be romantic, it's the small, consistent acts of love that keep the flame burning bright. Taking the time to write a heartfelt letter or cooking your partner's favourite meal shows you care about them deeply, and that you are willing to put effort into the relationship.

Helps you resolve your conflicts with love 

When there is a disagreement or argument, it can be difficult to know how to move forward. Small gestures such as apologising or offering a hug can help ease tensions and create a more positive atmosphere. This can make it easier to work through the issue and find a solution.

It demonstrates effort 

Small gestures not only strengthen and deepen the connection between two people but also demonstrate a willingness to put effort into the relationship. Relationships take work, and small gestures are a way to show your partner you are committed to making the relationship work.