20 contemporary artists share their perspectives on time

Artworks that blur the lines between the past, present, and future.

Harper's Bazaar India

Notations on Time, a group exhibition showcasing the works of 20 contemporary artists—on display at the Ishara Art Foundation, Dubai between January 18 and June 02, 2023—poses the compelling question: how does one measure time? Prompting a dialogue to highlight the complex, intertwined relationship between the past, present, and future—creations by artists Soumya Sankar Bose, Anoli Perera, Ayesha Sultana, Gauri Gill, Dayanita Singh, and Lala Rukh, among others, address the tangibility of time and explore its physiological dimensions. 

Notations on Time is an experiment in conjuring an eco-system of time where dreams intersect with history, and seasonal cycles with the measure of each breath. This exhibition is an attempt to read time against an urge to measure it...where works of art serve as fragments, haikus, and ciphers,” Sabih Ahmed, associate director and curator at Ishara Art Foundation puts forth. 

Relying on ontological concepts, the presentation yearns to understand how artists from South Asia and its diaspora perceive aesthetics, existence, and futurity.

Dasha Mata from the series ‘Forms of the Devi’ by Ladhki Devi, poster paint on mud-coated cloth, 2020-21


Untitled by Jagdish Swaminathan, oil on canvas, c. 1980


Watch Series by Anoli Perera, mixed media on paper, 2020