Three creatives show us how to incorporate purposeful design for your home

Shweta Kapur, Jagvir Matharoo, and Ashiesh Shah give Bazaar India a peek into their homes and share how they curated a space that reflects thier own style.

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The concept of home may seem simple, but depending on who you ask, you’ll find that our individual experiences shape the definition. Take the creatives we speak to for this feature. Each has a unique take on what home means and how to curate one to reflect and honour their style and requirements.



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This space holds a special place for Shweta Kapur, the founder of 431-88, as her first-ever home.“During its creation, I was captivated by the idea of inclusivity. That’s why I opted for a round seating arrangement—when everyone gathers, they are naturally compelled to face each other, fostering interaction and forming cosy, intimate groups,” she says.

The choice of white resonates with Kapur as a colour as it embodies purity and inclusiveness, setting the tone for the house she designed.

Beyond its aesthetics, this space is the first impression when entering the house. It exudes a Zen atmosphere, bathed in beautiful natural light and surrounded by lush greens.“It’s the spot where I enjoy my morning cup of coffee and spend evenings, chilling with friends. There’s a sense of significance, a feeling of making a mark whenever I’m in this space.”


For Jagvir Matharoo, the joint creative director of The Flame Store, and his partner, Martino Caramia, this room they’ve shared with us holds a significant place in their lives; it’s their bedroom—the most intimate of places—and a truly special space.“The windows facing the bed open to the sea, allowing the most beautiful natural light throughout the day. It serves as a sanctuary where we unwind and recharge, making it a sacred and private haven for both of us,” says Matharoo.

Intentionally designed to be devoid of colour, the space prioritises natural light and visual elements. This intentional simplicity enhances the serene atmosphere, allowing the room’s unique features and the calming influence of the sea to take precedence.



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In our fast-paced world, having a calming space to return to is essential for unwinding and fostering creativity. The interplay of natural light with a pristine white palette creates a soothing environment for architect, Ashiesh Shah’s home.

“This nook, bathed in soft whites, goes beyond looks. It serves as a vessel, encapsulating intentional living. It reflects my strong belief that a home should be more than just a physical space—it should be a sanctuary, a peaceful retreat from the outside world’s chaos,” he says. For Shah, choosing white for this space wasn’t arbitrary; it was a purposeful design decision. The goal is not just visual appeal, but more importantly, to cultivate a deep sense of calm and clarity—a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design.

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