The Oberoi Residential Suites: A blend of luxury, rich aesthetics and unmatched comfort

Elevating luxury living in the heart of South Mumbai.

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An iconic landmark and a symbol of true luxury, The Oberoi Hotel at Nariman Point, Mumbai is known for its unparalleled luxury, not to mention the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and the Queen's Necklace at Marine Drive. Built on the principle that places the comfort of the guests first, its meticulously designed rooms and suites, world-class dining options, and luxury spa facilities exhibit the heartfelt Oberoi hospitality. 

Taking the sophistication up a notch, the recent addition of the 20 Oberoi Residential Suites, designed by the award-winning firm Architecture Discipline, exemplifies modern elegance and magnificent interiors. The surreal fusion of an earthy colour palette featuring rich browns, deep teals, and smooth greys, accented by vibrant modern art and artefacts, makes the interiors truly stand out. 

Living Room, Bay View Residential Suite


These residential suites, like the rest of the hotel, are grand and luxurious, and feature two distinct variations—The Bay View Residential Suites and The Luxury Residential Suites. The former comprises two spacious bedrooms, a living and dining room, a pantry, and a study room. The Luxury Residential Suites too come equipped with a living and dining room, a pantry, a fully-equipped kitchen, and one bedroom. 

The residential suites feature interconnecting passageways and partitions to separate the rooms. The design ensures that the hustle and bustle of the city softly fade away, replaced by an enchanting calm as one moves further into the apartment. The neutral colour palette, though muted, exudes unmatched warmth and a homey feeling, making guests fall in love with the splendid blend of elegance and comfort.

Dining Room, Luxury Residential Suite


The carefully curated suite designs evoke a sense of intimacy and luxury from the moment you enter. The living room features a cosy quilted couch, an organically shaped wooden table, and a bookshelf wall that can be personalised with your collection of books or art. The kitchen, which opens to the dining room, offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

Study Room, Living Room & Corridor, Bay View Residential Suite


Upon opening the wooden sliding doors separating the dining and living rooms, one gains access to the study area. Inspired by the works of design maestro Le Corbusier, the chair behind the curved study desk is hallmarked by its simple, elegant V-shaped legs and rattan backrest. The sectional sofa is furnished with an extended edge, creating a nook for guests to work while enjoying spectacular views.

Bedroom, Luxury Residential Suite


The suite bedrooms feature timber and leather headboards that stretch across the ends of the rooms, complemented by neutral waffle-textured duvets, wooden floors, and woollen carpets. Inculcating a sense of immediate comfort as soon as one sets foot into the broom has been prioritised as the design employs simple elements and a minimal colour palette to minimise visual distraction. This systematic minimal theme adds to the feeling of timelessness accompanied by lavishness.

Bedroom, Bay View Residential Suite


A strong emphasis has been placed on longevity and durability, ensuring the use of high-quality materials to maintain the space's pristine condition effortlessly. An interesting combination of two contrasting textures has been used—oil-polished oak wood for the flooring and smooth Spanish marble-crema marfil stone for the washrooms, creating a marvellous medley of textures and tones.

Bathroom, Bay View Residential Suite

These residential suites are very well-lit, with ample natural light streaming through the windows. The heat ingress reduction has been ensured by installing hermetically sealed sections with double-glazed windows. The Oberoi, Mumbai, exudes excellence not only in the living experience it offers guests but also in its plethora of amenities, accompanied by magnificent interiors, well-executed designs and spaces that feature a modern blend of minimalism with contemporary trends.

All-in-all, for someone seeking luxury while also feeling at home, the residential suites at The Oberoi are where they should be! 

All images credit: The Oberoi Hotel