Neena Gupta to Twinkle Khanna, women who proved age is just a number

She can make it happen, at any age.

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“Thirty, flirty, and thriving” is Jenna Rink's mantra from 13 Going on 30, which she repeats in an anticipative tone while flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine. All the frustrated teenager wanted, on her 13th birthday, was to turn 30. And many of us, who grew up watching the movie at 15, 18, and even 21, couldn't help but wonder what our lives would look like at 30. Job? No job? A better job? Kids? Marriage? Possible divorce? Loans? The possibilities are endless. The ones who've crossed that bridge regale it to be the best years of their life. However, it's one thing to grow older without the fear of getting old and a whole other scenario to shatter the age prejudice by doing the unthinkable at a rather astounding (read as: empowering) age.

Speaking of which, Mrs Funny Bones a.k.a Twinkle Khanna, recently graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of London. After balancing being a columnist, an entrepreneur, an author, and a mother, the fierce woman has now added a degree to her accomplishments at the age of 50. Khanna serves as a reminder that age is just a number. However, she isn't the only one. Below, we’ve compiled a list of women who inspire and encourage us to pursue our passion, regardless of the age norms that society imposes on us.

Neena Gupta 


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Neena Gupta is a name that Gen-Z and others have been obsessing over for a long time now; and for all the right reasons. She is bold, sassy, and bold enough to ask for what she wants. Basically, she is everything that this generation advocates for. In 2017, Gupta made a comeback in the industry shortly after she made a post on Instagram with the caption, “I live in Mumbai and am working. I am a good actor looking for good parts to play.” At the age of 59, she made a remarkable comeback on screen with the film Badhaai Do. While the notion remains that once someone crosses their 50s, it marks the end of their career (for female actors more often, unfortunately), Gupta proved that age hardly determines one's career or life choices. Her candour and bold sense of style are a source of inspiration to many.

Twinkle Khanna 

Twinkle Khanna's career trajectory is unforgettable. After quitting acting early on in her career, Khanna transitioned into the role of a writer. Since then, her journey has been nothing short of marvellous. In addition to being the author of four books, Khanna is also a columnist and entrepreneur. Moreover, she embraced the role of a student in her late 40s, pursuing a master's degree from the University of London. As the internet congratulates her, we owe it to her for shattering the notion that education and degrees are only for the young. 

Ravi Bala Sharma 

Ravi Bala Sharma, also known as Dancing Dadi on Instagram, may have already impressed you with her graceful dance moves. She strongly advocates the fact that age shouldn't limit anyone's dream and continues to pursue her true passion, even at the age of 65. Now an influencer, she dances her heart out, grooving to some of the trendiest music. Dancing has been her true passion since childhood, but marriage and responsibilities made it difficult to make time for her passion, which she recently discovered, with no intention of stopping.

 Harbhajan Kaur 

Gen-Z entrepreneurs ought to love Harbhajan Kaur, who at the age of 90, started her own business of sweets, chutneys, and pickles. With the help of her children, Kaur started by setting up a pop-up in the city. After the traction and love she received, she knew she had to scale up the idea into a full-fledged business. At 95, her brand continues to grow bigger for the better.

Mukta Singh 


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Having started her modelling career at the age of 58, Mukta Singh’s journey serves as a true inspiration for everyone. While she accidentally stumbled upon a modelling opportunity, with her family’s support, Singh set foot into the world of brands, high heels, and photoshoots. Over the years, she collaborated with well-known brands such as Nicobar and designer Shweta Kapur, among others. Her journey makes the world believe that 'age is no bar' for pursuing anything you desire at any stage of your life.