It’s official. Gen-Z is obsessed with 'zodiac talk'

It's probably doing more to you than you know.

Harper's Bazaar India

What I first did on New Year's Eve after the clock struck midnight (of course, after wishing every single person in the room) probably solidifies my status as a true 2002-born GenZer. I looked up ‘Predictions for 2024 based on Zodiac signs’ and scrolled down to find my zodiac sign. Under Sagittarius, the article read, “In 2024, the stars will align in your favour”. If I’m being honest, I was a little relieved. Maybe even hopeful. After spending about four minutes on the article, I was reading predictions for a room full of GenZers at a house party. I’m not sure if they all believed in astrology but they seemed quite intrigued by it. “You can expect for a change to occur in your workforce” read the predictions for Gemini. A voice from behind echoed, saying “Is this my cue to leave my toxic workspace then?” “It shouldn’t have taken you this long to realise that, but congratulations” another giggled. 

While millennials have already said yes to astrology and its family (numerology and tarot reading), GenZ continues to keep the belief alive. “Most of my clients are GenZers, and their belief in Tarot is relatively new. Some of them take readings to verify their accuracy, while others are consistent seekers of guidance from the Universe, turning to readings every time they feel lost,” said Shweta Verhani, an intuitive Tarot reader. To investigate further, I dialed my grandmother's trusted astrologer in a small town (Takula) in Maharashtra. In his rusty voice, he said, “These days, a lot of youngsters like you come to me, some alone, and most with their parents. However, I see them listening to me with utmost curiosity. They even express their desire to learn more about astrology.”

As I researched for the story, the one question I couldn’t shake off my head is, what makes the supposed ‘woke’ generation (who also majorly insists on scientific evidence) believe in these phenomena so much? I took this question with me everywhere, only to throw it at the first person I see at work. A fellow GenZ colleague, Rishika Shah, social media editor at Harper’s Bazaar India had some answers. “Maybe it is because we, as a generation, are conscious about ourselves and often insecure about the future. Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot have become a way of validating ourselves. It gives you the feeling of watching a happy movie and maybe even reminds us to be cautious," she said.  

“Vibe-check is a thing now. If the ‘vibe’ of a certain place or a person doesn't go well with them, they tend to keep their distance,” shared Verhani. Here’s where astrology and Zodiac signs come into the picture. It's likely why many have started to associate and tap into their zodiac sign traits. Phrases like "I don’t usually like Scorpios" or "Cancerians are more emotional" have become a common topic of conversation at work, among friends, at social gatherings, and on the Internet. 

The immediate point of discussion in this conversation is how we can use the aligning of stars, numbers, and cards to work in our favour. Essentially, this pseudoscience can also make your life easier. Here’s how.

Serves as a form of self-exploration 

Irrespective of whether you're getting your tarot cards read, checking your birth chart or exploring numbers, delving into these phenomena means diving into self-exploration to understand the good and bad within yourself. You end up analysing your personality traits and try to step away from the ones that may seem alarming. It's a subtle form of introspection that makes you more conscious of your actions.

Pushes growth on a spiritual level 

While spirituality is a broad concept, these phenomena are closely intertwined with it. For example, exploring your astrological chart may lead to a deeper understanding of your life's purpose and a greater connection to the cosmos. Many times, it may also explain the lingering feeling of being ‘lost’.

Acts as an invisible guide

Often, while making an important decision, these readings and predictions serve as the signs we are looking for to rely on. They give you a sense of courage or even make you feel a little more confident about the decision. It's probably why our parents rush to consult an astrologer before buying a new house.

Can prepare you for future challenges 

The truth is, no one can tell the future. But if one can get a glimpse into the endless possibilities of what is more likely to happen, then why not prepare for it? It is what tilts most individuals towards astrology and the likes. The alignment may help us understand the uncertainties that can occur and prepare for it.