How to update your space into a Parisian home

Say oui to these five essentials.

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Spring cleaning time is finally here, and you might find the seasonal overhaul daunting. But instead of letting it intimidate you, think of it as more of a home refresh—an opportunity to create a space that achieves peak aesthetic pleasure—as well as a chance to do some shopping. If you need guidance, nothing is more inspiring than the signature aesthetics of the City of Lights.

“Parisian-inspired interiors are calming, timeless, and—like French-girl style—effortlessly chic,” says New York-based style consultant Alison Girschick Egan. The Paris aesthetic is great for both small and large spaces, and easily achieved with just a few key elements, she tells Bazaar. “Start with a neutral palette. Shades of cream, white, brown, and grey are your friends and create that calming tone of a quintessential Parisian escape.”

For the perfect French look, she recommends pairing vintage-inspired pieces with modern elements. You want an overall minimal space with touches of maximalism. “Think textured rugs and ceramics paired with low-profile sofas and sculptural décor,” Girschick Egan says, adding that gilded accents are non-negotiable. “Gold-frame wall mirrors and brass hardware are must-haves. Just avoid going overboard to maintain that effortlessness and tranquillity.”

Whether you want to update your entire home or just a simple corner or tabletop, the following ideas inspired by French style will do wonders for your joie de vivre. Say oui to the five ideas below.

Vintage-esque decor

Little knickknacks and other decor items that look like they came from a flea market are fundamental to creating an ambience of je ne sais quoi. Think miniature sculptures, painted vases, and ornate details.

Neutral textures and touches

You don’t always need flash and bang to make an impression. A harmonious mix of neutral textures and touches sprinkled around your space keeps things tasteful, grounded, and calming.

Conversation-starting servingware

Presentation plays a large role in elevating the eating experience, and personality-filled servingware can be a game changer whether you’re enjoying a simple coffee in the morning or hosting an intimate dinner party. These conversation starters will feel like collectables.

Inspiring coffee table books

Coffee table books are the MVP of decorating—you can stack them, use them as bases for other decorations, display your passions to your guests, and leisurely flip through them to boost your mood.

Decorative frames

Whether you want to hang art or pictures of your loved ones—or both—a gallery of gilded, silver, and embellished frames is a lovely way to enliven any wall space and determine the vibe of the room. The beauty of this decoration is that you can mix and match—just make sure it feels balanced.

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This article originally appeared in in April 2024. 

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