How to make the most of your casual romance phase

Use it to rediscover yourself.

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The cuddle weather has given way to a period of hitting the waves with your closest friends while you turn up the heat in stunning resort wear. You’re hydrating, you’re working out, and you’re layering up the sunscreen. This is not the time of the year that makes you miss being in a long-term, committed relationship. Your focus is on yourself. Even the news of Millie Bobby Brown getting engaged at 19 doesn’t give you an existential crisis.

It takes a lot to sign up for true intimacy—it involves watching them angrily floss their teeth the morning after their favourite team lost the match or wearing the pair of shorts you hope to throw into a bonfire someday. However, it takes a lot more to allow someone to see your vulnerable and crazy side. Sometimes, it’s easy to have sex with someone you are not in love with. Relationships are beautiful and precious, but if you need a carefree (not careless) casual romance, it’s great too! 

A casual romance is when you don’t seek long-term potential. Your criterion is simple—as long as it makes you happy, in this phase of your life, it works for you. It may involve being in a ‘friends with benefits’ situation, a situationship or even exploring a bunch of online matches who are too hot to not be handled! 

While you’re playing up a storm in the singles market, here’s how you can make the most out of your casual romance. 

Date on your own terms 

In a long-term relationship, you often have to compromise to keep things flowing. But in a casual romance, you care little about the connection and date on your terms. What does this mean for you? It means you can have all the fun in the world without any stress or putting in real effort, except, probably, shaving your legs every once in a while!

Get to know your deal-breakers 

In a casual romance, if something doesn't work for you or fulfill your needs, you don’t hesitate to say goodbye. Slowly, you will learn to say no and draw boundaries in relationships. Also, as you experience the variety of the dating pool, you will become more aware of your deal-breakers. All this will help you filter out the ones with no future when you look for something more serious. 

Expand your horizons 

If your dating history looks predictable, it’s time to switch things up in your romantic life. None of your relationships worked out, possibly meaning the pattern isn’t suitable for you. Go out of your way to date outside your type. Flirt with the cutie you wouldn’t have imagined to be with and pretend you’re in a parallel universe where everything and anything is possible. 

Fall in love with yourself a little more 

What happens when you take charge of your life and get to know yourself better? You start loving yourself more. Take this time to build your self-concept so strong that when you get into a solid partnership, you know what you’re worth.

Spice up your sex life

The best thing about casual romance is that you don’t have to train a romantic interest to give you good orgasms. If you don’t like their skills, go to the next one! Find someone hot in bed and takes you to cloud nine in no time. Claim your orgasms, try out all your fantasies, and start experimenting. The biggest highlight of a casual romance has to be the sex, right? So, have lots of it and the kind that gives you maximum pleasure!