#Travelspiration: Janhvi Kapoor lets us in on what it's like to holiday like her

From renting out boats and swimming in the waters to chilling by the pool on coastal getaways, Kapoor shares anecdotes from her holidays.

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There’s something profoundly nostalgic about holidays during the summer season; it takes us back to the days when life was simpler and we got dedicated months off to indulge in making core memories. Whether you went off to your family homes or embarked on a luxurious journey with your parents, summers were all about experiencing life, wholeheartedly. 

While the pop culture exhibits of wanderlust—French fashion in Emily in Paris or a trip to the hills in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani—compel us to jet off to exotic locales, the real lives of celebrities push us a little harder. Their Pinterest-worthy pictures pop up on our Instagram feeds, serving as reminders to apply for leaves and sip on tiki beverages in places where project deadlines have nothing on us. So we caught up with Janhvi Kapoor as she let us in on her travel philosophy, useful hacks, and precious memories of her coastal family home in Chennai, which is now on Airbnb. 

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Harper’s Bazaar: People say travel can change or heal them. Have you experienced this yourself?

Janhvi Kapoor: I have always been one to believe that travel can heal your soul. Whenever I have time off work, I love jetting off to unexplored locations or even exploring new cities when I’m shooting in places I haven’t been to before. 

Going back to mine and Khushi’s childhood, our fondest memories have been on trips, especially ones where we travelled as a family. One trip that’s fondly etched in my memory is when dad took us to Italy. We rented a boat and went swimming in the waters there but the most exciting part for me will always be our road trip. We rented this big RV, and were driving down the dreamiest winding roads, blasting South Indian music and screaming our lungs out...

HB: It’s also recommended to travel with your partner to truly understand your compatibility. What are your thoughts on it? 

JK: I believe that you learn a lot about someone when you travel with them. Whether they’re a morning person or a night person, if they love spending days lounging or want to be out and about exploring the city or if they love sightseeing or simply just want to take nature in. Travel expands everyone’s horizons and I definitely believe that it’s most important to travel with those closest to you. 

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HB: Tell us about your Chennai coastal home. What motivated you to put it on Airbnb?

JK: This home in Chennai holds a special place in my heart as I spent many of my childhood summers here with my family. Up until now, it’s been sort of our little coastal secret. We’ve all formed unforgettable memories here and this house has also witnessed many ‘firsts’ for all of us.

As an actor, I believe that I am nothing without the love of my fans and the idea of sharing these experiences with them on Airbnb feels surreal. They will get the chance to witness how tranquil, rejuvenating, and calm the house makes you feel. I’m looking forward to sharing our family’s rituals with select Airbnb guests who will get a chance to unwind like the Kapoors—chilling by the pool, enjoying some of our favourite meals, practising yoga, trying my mother’s natural skin care recipes, and most importantly, making special memories. I am thrilled to be a part of Airbnb’s Icons category and look forward to welcoming Airbnb guests home. 

HB: ⁠What do you love the most about coastal destinations?

JK: I am an absolute beach baby, I love everything about coastal destinations! From the sound of the waves to the soothing sea breeze, I love being around beaches. Unwinding in our Chennai home is our favourite activity—lounging by the pool, enjoying some of our favourite meals—it is always a wholesome experience just being in each other’s company doing the smallest of things. 

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HB: How do you ensure your skin remains flawless in hot humid holidays?

JK: My focus towards skincare has always been natural and minimal. Inspired by my mother, natural DIY face masks have always been my go-to when hydrating and rejuvenating my skin. I use a lot of yoghurt, fruit, coconut oil, and honey for that glow, and sugar acts as the best exfoliator, in my opinion! Another key to dealing with hot humid holidays is to keep hydrating, enjoying many summer fruits that keep my skin healthy and heart happy! I also use a lot of ghee or sometimes even butter to deal with dry or chapped lips.

HB: One travel hack you learned that you will never forget?

JK: The one thing I swear by every time I travel is carrying a pillow with me to make sure I get some much-needed rest, especially on long-haul flights or with red-eye flights. 

HB: Are you an over-packer? Tell us about your vacay personality.

JK: I’ve always loved fashion and dressing up and so I make sure to carry plenty of options. Depending on where we’re going, what we’ll be doing, and how I’m feeling that day, I pick and choose accordingly. When travelling with my sister, I love sneaking into her closet and picking out some stuff as well.

HB: Who is your favourite travel companion in Bollywood and why?

JK: My favourite travel companion has to be my sister Khushi. We grew up travelling a lot. Our fondest memories are on family holidays spending quality time together. Airbnb is another travel companion of mine! Always making me feel at home, away from home. All my experiences have been smooth, comforting and absolutely easy! 

Lead image courtesy: House of Pixels

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